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How to View or Download Credit Card statement – HDFC 2017

How to View or Download Credit Card statement – HDFC 2017
14 Aug

Hi everyone Today, we will see how to download or view your credit card statement from your HDFC Netbanking So welcome, login to your HDFC Netbanking account and, then in the top menu you can see 'CARDS' option 4th option from beginning is 'CARDS' click on that – CARDS as you are looking for credit card monthly statement You can find Credit card Section in the Left top Menu In the left menu, you can find the 3rd option from top – Enquire 'Enquire' – 3rd option from Top after 'Transact' Click on that Then you can find – 'View Statement' 'View Statement' is the 3rd option in Enquire Menu section click on 'View Statement' Click on – Select A card – Select your credit card for which you wish you view statement Select the period for which you want statement Just for a note – You can't see the statement for the same or current month Unless the bill is generated Bill generation happens on your bill date And, the current month statement would reflect on your Netbanking account after a day or two after your bill is emailed to your registered email id and just select the previous month or month for which you want statement after selecting month, Click on 'View' Now it will ask you for – 'Click to View/Download' Just click on that message 'Click to View/Download' Once you have clicked – the statement starts to download and that's it the statement is ready for you to download and view if you open the downloaded file, you can view the credit card statement

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