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IHG® Rewards Club Premium Credit Card 💵 IHG Rewards Credit Card

IHG® Rewards Club Premium Credit Card  💵 IHG Rewards Credit Card
09 Sep

Hi It's me michael for men's finest again today is less about styling fashion and more about life hacks this is the gateway to awesomeness let me tell you about it so you may ask what this thing is and this is just a credit card but it's not a normal credit card it's a platinum black credit card am i bragging?? so that credit card allows you to collect points loads of loads of points where do you want to use those points well it's a credit card from company called IHG which is the owner of lots of hotels Holiday Inn, Holiday Express, Crowne Plaza, Intercontinental lots of other brands in the US but what they have got is a credit card issued by a bank in the UK and in the US and I don't know if there is any parts of the Europe that has got that as well but if you are planning on staying any time soon anywhere in the world and you want to move your ass from the couch and go and see places this is the best thing you can think of let me explain so when you normally get a credit card what you have to do is of course make purchases on it so your credit score goes up and maybe also like this reward card you get some rewards right simple everyone is with me on that okay and next time is of course different kinds of rewards some and company some shops some supermarkets some some moles maybe actually giving you a store card where you can go in and purchase and get five 10% discount that kind of thing and of course there is plenty of them here in the UK as well Tesco, Sainsbury's all the big store, Morrison's all of them doing that kind of sort of credit card discount product credit card and usually that gives you 5% -10% discount on certain items or you get something called cashback where you can for instance spend some money and if you spend up to a certain level you get let's say hundred pounds cashback a month but that's the sort of highest of highest levels usually you're gonna get five to ten percent back my lot but this thing is a beast right I have been using this for a year now put all my expenses through one card now why am I so excited about this and why I want you to even sort of remotely consider it because I've applied for this card I got it because they are running some crazy APR , check APR's if you do not know what that is interest on your credit card so usually the rate of people who can actually get that card it's quite high because they they hoping that you're gonna stop paying at some point and you're gonna you know we paying them interest right so the level of how easily you can get that card and be accepted on it it's actually quite high but god damn it Michael what does it do well it does one very simple thing you collect coins why the only points for of course I wouldn't be telling you this is this card wasn't worth it you collect points for every pound you spend you get four points now in order to stay Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Crowne Plaza or even five star in to Intercontinental Hotel there is different tiers and levels of points right so for instance if you start collecting points let's say after a week a month or two five months depends on how much you spend it on it you actually gonna accumulate points so then your account could have 30, 40, 60, 70, or 150 thousand points I spent zero amount of dollars or pounds on my last trip with my wife to Boston it was completely funded by this and the point of it we stayed two nights at the five-star International Hotel in Boston that was worth at least $600 so now you're gonna be wondering where's the catch well there is none maybe there is one and the catch is that you have to under no circumstances pay this card of every month because the interest is ridiculous it's like 40% interest this interest of this card is like a payday loan interest even if you think about getting a card but you cannot rely on yourself don't don't get it because you gonna probably get a huge amount of credit here because they warned you to start making purchases so you cannot pay them back right that's how they work but if you are able to sort of maintain and manage your finances of this is the greatest thing I've discovered since last year it's just change everything and don't worry don't worry don't worry don't worry this has not been sponsored by IHG or anything like that I'm just telling you what works this works do it oh and I also mentioned that after using it for a year and accumulating I believe 10,000 pounds of spending 10,000 pounds on this card over the year you actually gonna get a free night state voucher that again you can use at any location in the world it could be five-star hotel in flippin Manhattan if you want so do some of favor if you've got a missus or a partner of any sort that you would like to take on a fantastic journey get yourself clear card like this don't tell anyone about it cumulate points and then do them the best surprise ever take them on a surprise trip and the five-star hotels all paid by the points that you didn't actually have to pay for that how amazing is that do it surprise your loved ones stay stylish

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