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Kick the Debt with AVANT’s Debt Consolidation Personal Loan

Kick the Debt with AVANT’s Debt Consolidation Personal Loan
04 Sep

End it! End it now!

Let’s take a moment to remember all the times we’ve taken money from someone and promised to pay it back after a while – Student loan, mortgage of your house, monthly payments of your dream ride, your kid’s college fees; if you haven’t got these loans yet, you’d need them sometime in the future. After all, debt is a way to ease things up, isn’t it?

That’s what Kevin Halpert thought, and his mentality left him high and dry. As on start of 2018, Kevin was knee-deep in deadly waters of debt, with a total of $28,000 student loan and credit card debt running after his life. When push came to shove, Kevin knew that desperate times called for desperate measures. He started to look for personal loans for debt consolidation.

For a person who’s miles away from finance, Kevin thought debt consolidation was something bad, that it would hang him out to dry even more. Debt consolidation is much more than just getting new debt to pay off older ones; it is a way to simplify lifestyle in terms of money and stop those innumerable recurring payments once and for all, if you choose right personal loan for debt consolidation.

Kevin did look up at lots of places- visited his own bank (not the best idea), walked into those bogus ‘debt killers’ offices and even called up a few rich friends of his. An accountant friend suggested him to go for AVANT personal loans for debt consolidation because in his profession, he had seen many people get out of the debt clouds by consolidating debt through AVANT’s personal loan.

Generally, bad credit calls for an immediate action. With most of the other lenders looking to capitalize on this by exploiting the poor guy/girl in debt, AVANT genuinely offers a fair and rational quote to its personal loans that are specifically crafted for debt consolidation. Kevin is a ‘Middle-class American Consumer’, and he got a personal loan to consolidate his debts nice and easy.

A credit score is very necessary to pick up any personal loan (don’t know your credit score? Check it out here) and unlike other lenders having a credit score requirement of 600+, AVANT happily settles for a minimum of 580. This much is pretty decent to achieve, Kevin had his credit score rounded off to 585 and he got in just like a person with the credit score of 650 did- no hassles at all.

The no-nonsense and streamlined process of debt consolidation from AVANT just needs the required paperwork, and these documents are verified in a matter of 24 hours. Kevin applied for debt consolidation of 1st of May and the personal loan for debt consolidation did its magic the next business day! Normally, the debt consolidation process takes up a week for verification itself, not in AVANT’s case though.

AVANT offers flexible debt consolidation loans ranging from $2,000 to $35,000 can be opted for according to one’s needs, and this flexibility in amount encourages fresher’s who just graduated from college to pay off their student credit loans and start afresh. However, the purpose of debt consolidation is to take care of all the debt for the price of one, and going for it multiple times just defeats the purpose.

As for the repayment schedule, one can pay off their personal loan for debt consolidation by making a single payment each month for the span of 2 to 5 years according to their convenience. By consolidating debt through AVANT, Kevin doesn’t have to keep track of recurring credit card payments, student loans, and house mortgage differently. All he has to do is pay monthly installments to AVANT for debt consolidation loan.

The best part about AVANT’s personal loan for debt consolidation is that the APR range starts much lower than any other debt consolidator lending entity. Their APR ranges from 9.95% to 35.99% and it depends on the amount of debt you got. The administration fee goes up to 4.5%, which is not a bad figure considering today’s market conditions.

Kevin’s life is a whole lot easier. Now with a debt consolidation loan at his disposal, he just makes one single payment to AVANT each month and avoids those irritating phone calls which were nothing less than a customary warning to pay off his student loan and credit card bills. He’s pledged not to pick up any more money and increase his debt till he pays off his personal loan for debt consolidation in the agreed period.

To avail AVANT’s personal loan for debt consolidation, all you need is a credit score above 580 and annual gross income above $20,000; something that is well below an average American’s gross annual income. There’s no prepayment fee, the late fee is a mere $25, and if there’s a missed payment, there’s a nominal $15 fee charged. Not a bad way to kick the debt and opt for debt consolidation through AVANT!


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