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Love Him like you Mean it: 20 Best Valentine’s Day gifts for Him

Love Him like you Mean it: 20 Best Valentine’s Day gifts for Him
20 Jan

Out of all dates on the calendar, 14th of February is one such date that flies into our mind in a Blood-Red font, hearts flying all around. And then, the daunting thought of picking perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for him.

It is the day every couple looks forward to and every singleton dreads (unless it‚Äôs their birthday), Valentine‚Äôs Day. Your Boyfriend is the supplier of hoodies, loose t-shirts, comfort food, and of course‚ÄĒcoitus.

But man, hunting the right gift for boo is such a task! They want stuff that’s so… basic. Let’s face it, you cannot wrap yourself and be a present, you’ve done that enough times already.

This Valentine’s Day, surprise your Young Man with the best Valentine’s Day gifts for him. He’ll love it so hard that you’ll feel the love later (wink!).

10- Piece Bartender Kit

Do you often come home and he runs to ‚Äėfix you a drink‚Äô? He cocktails like a pro (well, he tries) and then complains about lack of mixologist gear‚ÄĒnot anymore! This 10 piece bartender kit is one-stop-solution to his unrecognized talent.

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Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Film Camera- Classic

Talk about hitting two birds in one shot- this NEO CLASSIC Instant Film Camera by Fujifilm will guarantee you an infinite supply of cute Polaroid shots and he’d be happy to keep his eyes on the prize. Capture your love through the lens.

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Beer BottleLoft

You hate the way he stashes those six-packs, you’ve already fought many times about it. Put an end to those unreasonable fights by gifting him this Beer Bottle Loft to stick his Coronas up-top. You’ll save lots of space down there, believe me. It a pretty cool show-off as well.

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Google Smart TV Kit

This one’s a Walmart Exclusive, and it’s a bundle of Google-joy! If bae’s Dumb TV needs a Smart upgrade, this goldmine of Google Smartness comes with Google Home Mini and Google Chromecast, quite a tech-savvy Valentine’s Day gift for him.

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Cheeky Valentine’s Day Card

For the significant other in your ‚ÄėMeal for Two‚Äô combo, get this calorie-flushed card which expresses how much you love overeating with the man himself. Sometimes, a card is all it takes to be the Valentine‚Äôs Day Gift for him.

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Bose SoundLink Micro Speaker

When he gets this mini-powerhouse of a speaker as a Valentine’s Day gift, those romantic walks would never be the same again. Take his hand in yours and hum along to Love is Forever with the Bose sound quality by your side. He’ll love it.

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Swagtron Self-Balancing Scooter

2018 was a year of self-balancing scooters and this would be a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him if he has a thing for it. Do the Mommy Duty off-bed and get him some toys to play with. And yeah, this has built-in Bluetooth speakers too.

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Pocket BoomBox

Yeah, Bluetooth Speakers have made the list already, but a Pocket BoomBox looks so fine, your man won‚Äôt take out of your pocket. Every morning he‚Äôd go ‚ÄúBabe where‚Äôs my Phone, Wallet, Keys, and BoomBox?‚ÄĚ a wonderful Valentine‚Äôs Day gift for him.

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Apple Airpods

After successfully being the most gifted possession on Christmas, Airpods still go off shelves like hotcakes. An added romantic addition- Both of you can use them at once, which is less romantic than wired earphones, but it’s Airpods!

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Beard Oil Holiday Bundle

He might like to let it flow, he might keep it short, he might go goatee, or he might change it every other week. But one thing he doesn’t fail to do is take care of his beard. This is an ideal Valentine’s Day gift for him and his stellar beard game.

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Hulu Subscription

Ah, the gift that keeps on giving- A Hulu subscription is the best Valentine’s Day gift for him. If you are fed up with NetFlix and Chill and you wish to find something new to watch, get a Hulu Subscription and snuggle in for a romantic night in front of the telly.

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The Great Gatsby Cufflinks

If he’s an Old Sport and dresses like Gatsby after re-watching the movie, then give him these Classic cufflinks. These look good on any shade, and a bonus point is that he’ll slay in those formals just for you.

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Large Style Box- Burgundy

Don‚Äôt you just hate it when he tries to find stuff to dress up? From socks to pocket-squares to ties, this formal-wear Style Box has it all. The color in question is Burgundy, because it matches the color of love (red)‚ÄĒmaking it an awesome Valentine‚Äôs Day gift for him.

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Six-Pack Greeting Card Box

With this Valentine’s Day gift, you’re gifting him three things he loves- A six pack of his favorite beer, a heartfelt message in the attached card, and of course, yourself. There’s a good chance you both will chug these down the same day, but the case shall stay on!

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Bose SoundLink AE II Wireless Headphones

He’s probably whining about how his headphones sulk and tangle into a mega-knot every time he puts them away. Not anymore! These headphones are from another planet, quality so crisp and functionality so easy. He’ll only pull them off when he sees you.

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NHL-Used Hockey Puck Bottle Opener

If your Iceman never misses a game, this has to be the best Valentine’s Day gift for him. What makes it so special? First of all, it’s a bottle opener. Secondly, it’s an ice hockey puck. Third and the most important, it was used in an NHL game! He’ll go mental!

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Black & Decker Programmable Coffee Maker

This steel-padded thermal coffee maker brews 12 mugs of exotic freshness that’ll kick-start his day on the right foot. Plus the programmable controls are like icing on the cake. Brew it up and go for a quickie, you coffee would still be warm when you’re back!

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Sony PlayStation Classic Console

If your man’s a gamer, then he would drool over this modern marvel of retro gaming. The PlayStation Classic will sweep him off his feet and he’ll be glued to the screen like kid. He might get a bit busy playing games after this gift though.

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Indoor Putting Mat

Does he keep swinging his hands in the air to master the perfect, delicate putt? Well, this indoor putting mat will make it a point that practice makes him perfect. Also, he won’t knock stuff off shelves with his imaginary swings, a great Valentine’s Day gift for him.

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Comfy Sheep Skin Slippers

This masterpiece from L.L. Bean is a luscious treat your man’s senses, making it the ideal Valentine’s Day gift for him and his feet. These babies are made of real sheep skin and it feels like heaven when he puts his feet inside them in the morning.

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It’s the beautiful season of love, and the constant shoulder in our life deserves some much-needed Affection. These Valentine’s Day gifts for him will make it a day to remember, and it’s going to be a good night, baby! 

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