Saturday, 19 June 2021

Money Minute – Credit Card Rewards Points

Money Minute – Credit Card Rewards Points
04 Sep

On this week's money minute sponsored by Navy Federal Credit Union, personal finance expert Jeanette Mack offers some tips on how to leverage your credit card rewards When packing for deployment you're probably not thinking about credit card rewards points but you should be and here's why: You want to make sure you're not going to lose them if you have them and if you don't you could get a card that has fast easy rewards redemption so you can maximize the value of the things you buy and get some cool parks along the way

Start by thinking about the type of rewards you prefer from our credit card and how you'd like to redeem them Maybe cash the most convenient A recent Navy Federal survey found that for cash rewards card holders overwhelmingly prefer their cash reward deposited directly into their account Maybe works for you or perhaps you like gift cards or travel rewards instead Whatever it is, choose the card based on rewards that fit your lifestyle so while you might not have been thinking about credit card rewards they can make traveling a little bit easier, but cash back in your wallet or be used to make a payment on your credit card

Remember rewards are the most rewarding when they can be easily redeemed and enjoyed on your time Thanks Jeanette we'll see you next week

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