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Moneyball- Save Money Each Month For The Next 12 Months

Moneyball- Save Money Each Month For The Next 12 Months
20 Aug

When Big Sean said “All I wanted was a hundred million dollars and a bad chick”, we felt it. Everyone wants to be rich, and everyone knows that the road to a rich life isn’t easy. You have to be frugal, reduce your diet, say ‘No’ to things you do not need. You got to save each month. A little progress each month adds up to big results; and each month that you save money, you’re one step closer to your ultimate goal.

Being financially sound does not mean earning like there’s no tomorrow. It is quite the opposite, to be honest. You have to fill up your bucket with cash and watch out for any leaks at the bottom. If earning big is crucial, saving money each month is even more crucial. You can’t not touch one month’s salary and live on that money for the remaining eleven months.

You got to save each month collectively, be prudent, and believe in yourself. Here’s how you can save money each month and also some side jobs that can help you get through the months while saving it.

Month I: Be a Professor

Knowledge is wisdom, and what can be a better teacher than time? There has to be something you’re an expert in. Be it Paleontology or Math, Sports or Science, Medieval History or Artificial Intelligence, there are people out there who want to learn all this. Showcase your knowledge and teach thousands of little Chinese students online on VIPKID. If you possess that practical experience to teach adult professionals, enroll yourself to Udemy and use that experience. Teach online any given subjects to school students all around the globe. Remember, you’re going to use this money to spend and save money each month from your regular income.

Month II: Be a Driver

Got a car? Does it run? Lyft some passengers on your way to work and drop them on your way back. Lyft is a great way to earn money while you carry on with daily deeds. The best part about driving people around is that you meet new people, have interesting conversations, and cover up your gas bills. Talk about saving your money each month on gas, eh?

Month III: Raise your voice

Next time you’re bored of scrolling through facebook and Instagram, earn some money by filling out surveys. Let us all agree on one thing- we love to procrastinate and in that unproductive time we do absolutely nothing. Next time out, do something productive, earn money by filling out surveys on any of these certified websites below:

Check out the full list here!

Month IV: Sell ‘em off already!

Gather around all the old pieces of tech you can find- phones, laptops, gaming consoles, DVDs; take a picture and upload the information on Swappa. Second-hand electronic devices are sold at a very good price and in order to save money each month, you need to gather enough to cover your expenses for that month. That’s pretty much what saving money is, right?

Month V: Save money, save pictures

Don’t you just hate it when “Storage Almost Full” notification pops up and you look at those pictures like “Damn I wish I could save this masterpiece?” Back up all your pictures from phone to PC and pluck the best ones out to sell, you heard it right, sell your pictures. With internet connecting the world at its disposal, Shutterstock and Dreamstime pay big bucks for great quality pictures. So if you have good photography skills, capitalize on them. That’s your money saving activity of the month right there.

Month VI: The subscription dilemma

All the times you’ve swiped your card for holiday clubs, gym memberships, cable TV subscriptions and what not. You’re definitely not using most of these, and they’re slowly sucking the life out of your bank account. It’s the right time to TRIM these unwanted expenses out nice and easy. With Trim, all you have to do is give in your account details and Trim easily tracks down recurring expenses, which you can cancel with just a text or facebook message.

Month VII: Pay-cation Time!

All work and no fun would make you dull and exhausted, and to curb that exhaustion you need some time off. But don’t you think vacations are a burden on pockets and wish you’d get paid for staying over at someone else’s place? We got you covered. Register yourself on and stay at someone else’s place. Look after their home, water their plants, feed the pets. All of this while getting paid! Your annual vacation is all set (sort of) and you save money each month, including your vacation month.

Month VIII: Get a Roomie!

Got an extra room to spare? Rent it out for extra cash! Renting a room has its own perks, in addition to extra income, you have new people to socialize with and there’s no hassle of being locked out of your place when nobody’s inside. Airbnb is the biggest room-sharing service all across the globe and it pays well to register with them. Not a fan of Airbnb’s concept? Go VRBO, a more classic way of renting out your place by advertising in VRBO classifieds.

Month IX: Cut the Card(s)

Believe us when we say it- The last thing you want is to stretch your credit card’s pockets as much as you can. It hurts bad to see a big chunk of your income going out to monthly credit card installments. Better to let it all go and close your credit card account. Just live on what’s actually in your bank and you’ll eventually realize that amount going to card installments ate up a lot of your income which you are now saving each month.

Month X: Consolidate your Debt

How is paying off debt actually saving money? With right planning, it saves more money than anyone ever thought of. To plan your debt pay-off strategy, you need to check your credit score first. Credit Sesame checks your credit score and also gives a plan to consolidate your debt in such a manner that you pay off all your debts ASAP. There are other places you can check your credit score (insert link)

Month XI: Coupons to the rescue!

People live under a stereotypical notion that coupons are a sham and they’re just a marketing gimmick. There are places you can get legitimate coupons though- be it online coupon codes or newspaper clippings. EBates offers discount coupons and cashbacks, while and Groupon come up with discount coupons every now and then.  These coupons save a lot of money on monthly shopping at Walmart.

Month XII: Think of the future- Let that 401(k) Blooom!

Blooom gives you the simplest 401k management solutions for as little as $10 per account, irrespective of its size. They will reduce the fees you pay, optimize your allocation based on your age and risk tolerance all while providing open-ended fiduciary grade advice. So capitalize on your retirement plan, save yourself from the money problems, and take this month to plan your retirement. Retirement sounds boring? Not really! Let that money Blooom!

Life is unpredictable. You never know when you might need some greens real quick. So it’s better to keep an emergency fund and it’s better to save money for it every month. Remember, if saving money becomes a habit, it is a good habit to have.


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