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Pack Your Bag Girl: Here’s How To Make The Most Out Of Solo Travel

Pack Your Bag Girl: Here’s How To Make The Most Out Of Solo Travel
20 Sep

Never before has Solo Travel been as popular as in the contemporary times. There’s a thing about Solo Travelling which reignites one’s senses, the only time where one can be true to his/her raw side, inspire awe along the unforeseen routes, shrug off the burdens and responsibilities of the rat-races and in the process move onward to the next level of self-discovery.

The primary reason Solo Travel is having a stupendous increase in the number of its staunch proponents is that it is not merely about fulfilling one’s wanderlust, it’s about experiencing an unparalleled sense of freedom that broadens your horizons and opens the portal to the world of endless possibilities. A liberating experience that transcends one’s senses and sends a person to a euphoric state of mind which is totally unacquainted with the worldly pains and the fear of death.

Travel these days can be rewarding as well; many credit card companies reward their customers in the form of points (which can be encashed in various forms).

However, Solo Travel is not all about sunshine and rainbows. There is more to it than what meets the eye. Solo Travel means that you are on your own and there is no mercenary watching over your back (except of course a comprehensive insurance cover which will be discussed later) and that you should be smart enough to take care of yourself no matter what situation you encounter.

If not planned carefully, your solo travel can turn out to be your worst nightmare.  The situation can turn worst if you are woman traveler on a solo trip and you get caught up in a personal tragedy, medical complications and what if the civil war breaks out in the country that you are visiting?

Well, we are not here to scare the sh*t out of you by soaking up your desires of traveling alone, but we wish that you play the practical card and that’s why we have a rundown for you which you should go through in order to get ready to spread your wings and unwind:-

Plan before you take off

There are various facets of your trek you have to consider before you take off to the tropical island you had always wanted, and that is the place we come in! Peruse the accompanying tips, and assimilate all that you require.

Managing guardians

Guardians can be defensive of their little girls. Get them engaged with your planning right from the start. Consider purchasing a SIMcard that enables you to make calls from abroad.

Try not to promise to ring in the meantime every week – this is unrealistic when you’re out and about, and they’ll stress in the event that they’re holding up by the telephone.

Help your guardians set up an email account on the off chance that they don’t as of now have one.


Purchase a female-friendly rucksack with movable back frameworks and remember toning it down would be best: think of your shoulders and split your load.

You won’t require masses of beauty products, strappy shoes or flamboyant outfits. Your fellow explorers won’t be dressed to the nine! Take one little thing that makes you look somewhat dressed (lippy or adornments, possibly) and spare it for events.

Dress properly

Which implies covering. This shows regard for nearby individuals. Read up before you go to discover what’s adequate in the nation you’re visiting.

A long skirt is fundamental: it’s sober, can be smart, keeps you cool and is convenient for loo-breaks. Take a huge, cotton scarf to cover any brazen bits should the need emerge.

Considering taking a hairdryer or other electrical hardware? Power supplies fluctuate in various nations – read up before you go. A cap or handkerchief is valuable for covering messy hair.


In case you’re going to less developed nations, tampons and thin clean towels can be elusive. Take a supply from home. Remove from their packings and keep in a watertight holder.

Changes in the atmosphere, eating routine and way of life can upset your menstrual cycle. Your periods may even stop for the time being.

Sexual Health

Talk with your family doctor about what contraception to take. The belt-and-supports technique (pill in addition to condoms) may be your the safes. Ensure you have enough of each.

Think about packing a next day contraceptive for crises. It works up to 72 hours after sex. It offers no insurance from STIs and shouldn’t be utilized rather than contraception. Accessible over the counter, however, converse with your GP first.

Individual Safety

Consider completing a ‘self-defense for ladies’ course before you go. Plan what you’re doing ahead of time, so you can look and feel certain. Try not to touch base in another place after dark.

On Public transport, sit where there are other ladies. Just take enrolled taxis. Carry the telephone number of a taxi firm with you. Be extremely cautious with medications and liquor – you’ll be substantially more defenseless in case you’re off your face.

On the off chance that somebody offers to get you a drink, either say no or remain close to them as they arrange it. Try not to give your drink a chance to move out of your sight. This fights off the danger of those with malicious intents adding medications, for example, Rohypnol to your drink.

Should you face an assault, contact the US Embassy in the nation where you are, whenever of the day or night.

General Travel Safety

We should be reasonable – when it comes directly down to fundamentals, travel wellbeing is mainly sound judgment. Looking as a soft target makes you – well, a soft target. We like you, and we don’t need anything awful to occur, so we have something to say on how not to get in a bad position.

Never take more cash than you require. Rather, wear a thin cash belt that fits under your garments, or a  cash belt that contains concealed compartments. In any case –  that you seem as though you’re carrying a great deal of money, you’re requesting inconvenience.

Wallets with cross-body ties are useful since they can’t be scratched in a grab’n’run situation. When you’re out on the town, take an ID card instead of your visa – however just do this on the off chance that you know your identification is someplace safe.

When you purchase your rucksack, verify whether you can lock it. Purchase mix locks, so you don’t risk losing your key.

On the off chance that you can’t see your pack, it should be locked. This applies to trains, transports, and every single other means of transport.

Have Travel Insurance  Watch Your Back

It’s the countdown to your next big experience. You have your passport and tickets, each match of socks you possess, and enough mosquito repellent to cover an elephant. However, aren’t you overlooking something? Travel insurance is a security net if things turn out badly, ought to be on the top of your list.

Traveling wouldn’t be fun without the unexpected. However, the shocks abandon you yowling in a healing center bed when you ought to foray into the wilderness. Wounds, diseases, can tear up your plan. Here’s where Travel insurance can spare steer you clear of troubles trouble.

Perusing the fine print won’t cost a thing, yet it’s necessary to check how you’re secured, what’s not secured and any conditions that apply before you set out – whether you purchased yearly travel protection or cover for a short outing. Let be honest, you won’t be in the state of mind to peruse travel insurance cover exceptions in case you’re shuddering with dengue fever in Borneo, or nursing a broken hip (turns out you can’t ski in reverse).

So how about we take a gander at a couple of things you ought to consider:

Medicinal protection. In the event that you get in a mishap and get severely injured abroad, you have to know whether your costs are secured (especially in the USA where medicinal expenses can be gigantic) and that they’ll fly you to home in case you’re not ready to continue traveling.

Adventure injuries. don’t climb up Table Mountain or bungee bounce in New Zealand before checking if your insurance covers it and that you’ll be helicoptered to doctor’s facility if you break a leg.

Gadget protection. Check whether your travel insurance covers every one of your devices or that you have to take out additional cover for gears.

Ensure you compare travel insurance plans to get the right cover for you, regardless of whether you’re a carefree bachelor, trekking across Canada with your family, or unwinding on a journey. Also, consider how frequently you travel: do you require yearly multi-trip protection or single outing protection for an erratic excursion? In the event that you’ve at last ventured out for a whole year or vacation break, pay special mind to explorer and long-stay travel protection.

At EBC we need you to move far and wide with the learning that somebody will get you on the off chance that you fall. Get started with a travel quote from World Nomads who best watches over the solo travelers like you and covers every single aspect of your travel.


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