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QuickBooks Online Tutorial for beginners / deposit with credit card fee #4

QuickBooks Online Tutorial for beginners / deposit with credit card fee #4
31 Jul

everybody Jonathan and Torrence ETA boys and girls on skid into it we are gonna do what deposits we have we have a sales receipt that we want to match up in the bank I used my square the square like the credit card reader square reader we received 1462 from that from my clients from all shows from from our sales receipt in sales receipt right here from Jane Doe's sales were see we went to an 831 now in charge 50 bucks holding us 4830 4862 because god damn square took $138 those fucking bastards but anyway place next time so how we gonna match set up because if I if I was not you know it's it's not matching up here as we have we have a sales receipt for $50 go to customers in here and she's ok she paid up her $50 but we put it to deposit funds million quite positive let's look at the positive alright deposit was gonna show it's paid so operator Excel go home go home alright so I was like to go into this circle in the middle here and we're gonna go for other bank deposit this is where is just super nice existing fame is that that we still have to deposit and so yeah we did that but now here is the crux of the problem we didn't devise the $50 we know so we go here and then we go to account is gonna be an expense for seniors square yes we're and now this is for deposit but it was an expensive this is going to have to go now you review your charge one plane 38 so that's a little bit weird but if you'll see now the total has 4862 so that is what we've actually deposited and that was kinda hard to credit card deposit with she's know if there's no fees you wouldn't have to do all that so that's how you do that so I do so oh sorry that positive 4866 a very good very good now ok we'll see we got here you know where you're going to report so we'll see we'll see what happens here soon to balance sheet with what's going on here she took it out of fun deposit funds were deposited ok anyways that's right you deposit deposit that you can go you can always good to the the top left hand and seal deposits made ok there's only did so you have things for watching and watch the next one and we're gonna mess that up and the bank feed here have a great day bye

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