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QuickBooks Online Tutorial for beginners / Sales receipt #3

QuickBooks Online Tutorial for beginners / Sales receipt #3
31 Jul

Johnson endured CBA strongest siege in Florida when doing so we're going to a sales receipt last one last estimate invoice and so this is a sales receipt is you know say somebody just see like your body can't cash you nobody can be more store you know you don't do you don't do it in an estimator an invoice for just used a receipt so in this is in this instance were gonna say that you know you're receiving money and you didn't do an invoice you know what will happen so this time because I wanted to do a bank balance transaction actually happened to go through with what actually happened to my business so anyways sales receipt so customers sales receipt over here so new sales receipt now to make this work I did this in a 3000 831 sorry silver sea temperature change this fifty have to change that because 831 where starts over she's to make that work in your customer Shane gonna have her gonna save ok came and did some consulting did some consulting work for and kill soul teen or tax yeah how much they charge charge $50 504 charged her $50 ok so procedures dollars she paid me $50 deposit done deposit funds and it's kind of one of the QuickBooks things you'll see we'll get to the next one but let's see this you do this with the link to bank transaction which I hope you have a line so we'll see what happens here with this sales receipt gonna say so see one thousand eight saves are you there now we can look we can go look at pretty much anything the top left hand corner when go look at some immediate regime $250 and that is received that we did going on deposit funds ok cool I'm a house so where would that be the lesson bank can we have said we'll go to report I was have my eye because reports of the balance sheet reports deposited funds $5050 consulting Jane you know and you know how everything in this is where so many ways that is there is a sales receipt thank you for watching and hope hope you learn something I hope you enjoyed it and take care

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