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RepricerExpress – Price Differently Against Amazon

RepricerExpress – Price Differently Against Amazon
01 Aug

Hi, thanks for joining me in my sparse test account In this RepricerExpress video we're going to quickly show you how you compete differently with Amazon rather than other types of sellers

You control this in your pricing rules simply by going to "Repricing" and "Repricing Rules" If you've already created a pricing rule it will be listed and you can edit it, or you can create a new one, whichever way you want to go For this demonstration though, we're just going to open our existing rule and tweak it Once you've opened your pricing rule, you're going to want to scroll down to the "Compete With" section The "Compete With" section allows you to control how you're going to compete with different types of sellers

You'll notice you've got the option to compete with Amazon, FBA and Merchant Fulfilled Sellers differently In this example, we're currently beating all of them by 1p We could, however, want to compete more aggressively with different types of sellers Say, for example, we wanted to beat Amazon by 10p We could do that

Similarly, we have the option to price "Above," "Match" or "Ignore" these types of sellers Say, for example, we selected "Ignore" Amazon This means that if Amazon is the cheapest seller we will not try to reprice against them, but will in fact Reprice against the next seller up Similarly, we could choose to match Amazon or even price above them by a set value You can use these exact same options for each of the different types of sellers, which allows you to be a bit more specific about how you want to deal with each

Please do let us know how you get on with these rule settings or if you want any advice get in touch with a Support Team using the "Support Centre" button on the bottom right of the screen Once you've made your changes, click the "Update Pricing Rules" button and then your rule will be able to take effect pretty much straight away Thanks for joining us today and please have a great day

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