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ScoreCard® Rewards Program: Robins Financial Credit Union

ScoreCard® Rewards Program: Robins Financial Credit Union
08 Sep

These days it seems like you can pay with a debit card or credit card wherever you go Whether you’re buying online from home, buying gas, or even buying a coffee it seems the convenience of credit cards is everywhere! Fortunately, aside from the convenience, Robins Financial Credit Union actually pays you back for using your credit card, through our Scorecard Rewards program

Here’s how it works: For every dollar you spend on purchases with your Robins Financial Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card, you’ll earn points You can check to see how many points you’ve earned in online banking Log in and select products and services from the menu on the left, then select Scorecard Rewards You’ll then select your card from the menu This will take you to the Scorecard Rewards site where you can redeem your points for merchandise, gift cards, travel opportunities and other experiences

Or if you like, cold hard cash You'll also see opportunities to earn even more bonus points with special offers through Score More through the Score Cards Reward Program Scorecard Rewards are simple to use and redeem – and just one extra perk of using the convenient Robins Financial Visa Card For more information, call, click or visit any of our branch locations

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