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Swipe Your Visa Card and Earn Rewards With uChoose Rewards

Swipe Your Visa Card and Earn Rewards With uChoose Rewards
31 Jul

From the moment you open a Seattle Credit Union Visa credit card, you have access to a rewards program that makes each purchase more powerful Every time you use your card for purchases, you’ll earn one point for each dollar you spend

Some merchants even provide special offers that let you rack up points even faster Redeem your points for flights, rental cars, and cruise deals; gift cards to major retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Bass Pro Shops; tickets to the theater, sporting events, and concerts – even cash You’ll earn points as soon as your card is active Before you can redeem them, though, you’ll need to enroll your card Enrolling in uChoose Rewards is easy

Head over to uchooserewardscom, click on the “New to uChoose Rewards” link, and follow the simple instructions to register your card From here, explore hundreds of rewards options that become available to you after you’ve accrued your first 2,500 points If you have more than one Seattle Credit Union credit card, we make it easy to manage by combining all points into one account Get more with your Seattle Credit Union Vida credit card

Visit uchooserewardscom to learn more, get enrolled, and get rewarded

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