Friday, 23 October 2020

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31 Jul

Quickbooks Online Tutorial for beginners / Estimate to Invoice #2

hello everybody this is jonathan and Dorn cpa strong see trance state of Florida let's get in alright we're out we're back in the sample company of Craig's I landscaping Craig Craig I job it's finally friday and Craig is all the driving job brings we're going to do an […]

31 Jul

QuickBooks Online Tutorial for beginners / Sales receipt #3

Johnson endured CBA strongest siege in Florida when doing so we're going to a sales receipt last one last estimate invoice and so this is a sales receipt is you know say somebody just see like your body can't cash you nobody can be more store you know you don't […]

31 Jul

QuickBooks Online Tutorial for beginners / deposit with credit card fee #4

everybody Jonathan and Torrence ETA boys and girls on skid into it we are gonna do what deposits we have we have a sales receipt that we want to match up in the bank I used my square the square like the credit card reader square reader we received 1462 […]