Sunday, 28 November 2021

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31 Oct

11 Essential Tips to Buying a Car Even with Bad Credit

Why America is so car-dependent has for a long time been a mystery. Over the last half a century, or so, Americans’ unexplainable “love affair” with cars has only grown deeper. Today, 76 percent of the working population in America drive to work. A further 9 percent carpool with friends. But cars […]

28 Jun

Best Credit Cards for Bad Credit July 2021

Check if You’re Pre-qualified Before you apply for a credit card check if you’re pre-qualified from a variety of institutions. This does not hurt your credit score and is a good first step when looking to apply for credit. You can read our complete guide to getting pre-qualified for a […]

28 Jun

The Best Options for Rebuilding Your Credit Score in 2021

Updated on Sunday, June 27, 2021 A strong credit score is a vital part of your overall financial health. But rebuilding a damaged (or non-existent) credit score can feel impossible. Don’t despair. There are plenty of avenues you can take in order to rehabilitate your credit score and it all […]

21 Feb

The Best Advice You Could Ever Get About Best Installment Loans

There is not much that you can complain about the name of installment loans; it couldn’t have been truer. Installment loans are just like what they sound: a financial obligation that is paid off via installments.  You borrow an amount of money that is paid by the means of installments […]

28 Nov

Here is to not letting a bad credit get in the way of your Christmas mood

Have you decided that a personal loan is the best way to finance your holiday needs? If no, go ahead and weigh the options first. If yes, well, there might be one more hinderance- your bad credit record. How unfortunate can that be? Well, it is pretty unfortunate. Good news […]

14 Nov

Want To Finance A Car With Bad Credit? Here Are 9 Things To Know

You have your eyes set on the ravishing red Mustang and you are obsessed with its curves. The curves like no other, curves which could beat JLO in her prime and you can’t contain your frenzy but obsess about your dream wagon. Every Dream Comes With a Price Spoiler Alert: […]

04 Nov

Credit Scores That Get Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Alexandria White If you’re someone who struggles with credit card debt and high interest rates, a balance transfer might be a way to dig yourself out of indebtedness. There are various balance transfer credit cards that offer long 0% intro APR periods that provide you with ample time to pay […]

12 Oct

Does Debt Consolidation Work for Everyone?

Have you been told not to put all your eggs in one basket? We often use this expression to caution against the negatives of pulling your assets or investments under one roof. However, when it comes to debt management, putting all your eggs in one basket is not such a […]

25 Sep

No Credit, or Poor Credit? Here Are Your Loan Options

Erin Millard Updated September 24, 2018Don’t have a credit history established, or have a low credit score? It can be challenging to find lenders that will approve you if you have a thin credit file or poor credit, but it’s not impossible. You still have options when it comes to […]