Thursday, 27 January 2022

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26 Oct

The 6 Best Credit Repair Companies—Bid Adieu to Bad Credit

Creditworthiness is crucial. The cornerstone of financial wellbeing rests on integrity, honesty, and trust. A credit score is one such instrument that makes it a whole lot easier to understand one’s financial standing. Although credit scores form a crucial part of one’s financial pocketbook and people go beyond the longest […]

23 Sep

The 7 Step Guide to Fixing Your Credit Score, and Keeping it in Great Shape

Although radio show host, author, and financial expert Dave Ramsey says credit scores are not all that important, it’s an inevitable reality Americans have to live with. After all, we love to spend what we don’t have. A recent report by the Federal Reserve revealed that consumer debt in America […]

21 Sep

Wondering How Can I Increase my Credit Score by 100 Points Fast? Here’s How to

Whenever we hear, or use, the phrase “zero to 100” our thoughts are immediately tuned to expect a rapid escalation of a subject. The expression comes from the automotive world. It refers to an automobile’s ability to hit the 100 miles per hour mark within seconds. Usually, the shorter the […]

16 Jan

Life Beyond the Financial Pit: Are Credit Repair Companies Worth the Salt?

When it comes to recovering from financial pits, U.S. President Donald Trump takes the ultimate prize. After four different bankruptcy filings, the most recent being in 2009, and selling off major businesses in order to cover the debts and get his credit back in shape, President Trump easily takes the […]

25 Nov

Credit Card Mistakes You Must Avoid this Christmas Season

Christmas is just around the corner and everyone is busy bustling and preparing for the season to be jolly. Whereas getting caught up in the frenzy of the holiday season is fun, it’s crucial to look ahead and plan for the New Year. No one wants to ‘wake up’ with […]

12 Oct

Does Debt Consolidation Work for Everyone?

Have you been told not to put all your eggs in one basket? We often use this expression to caution against the negatives of pulling your assets or investments under one roof. However, when it comes to debt management, putting all your eggs in one basket is not such a […]

13 Sep

What Nobody Will Tell You About Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Did you know that you can transfer debt from one credit card to the other to save money? That’s what a balance transfer credit card does for you. What is a balance transfer credit card? If you’ve ever checked the interest rate on your credit cards and noticed that the […]

03 Sep

Marriage and Finances: How to Beat the Odds

As many marriages hit rough patches and finally end up in divorces, many factors are to be blamed. It could be a cheating partner, irreconcilable differences or money matters. Today we will talk about the money matters- mostly how to manage finances as a couple. Managing money as a couple […]

30 Aug

Read and Understand Your Credit Report in 5 Quick Steps

One of the most interesting debates within America must be on the pros and cons of annual wellness checks. One wing of the debate encourages the routine checks arguing that they solidify relationships with physicians and provide opportunities for critical preventive interventions. On the other side of the divide, pundits […]

27 Aug

How Much Money Millennials Should Have Saved by 30

When it comes to finances, I’ve always had a decent head on my shoulders. But I wish when in my 20s, I asked myself how much money should I have saved by 30? Instead, my twenties were filled with exploration and trying to figure out what I wanted to do […]