Sunday, 24 September 2023

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19 May

The Best Online Banks in 2021

Updated on Wednesday, May 19, 2021 The future of banking is online — and you don’t want to miss it. Online banking has become almost synonymous with low fees and earning top-notch interest rates, in addition to convenient account access. Whether you’re looking to take your entire banking suite completely […]

04 Mar

Get Out of Debt This Year: 20 Simple Steps You Can Start Today

With a new year, there are a lot of new hopes that come around and one of the most desperate ones is “How to Get Out of Debt in a Year?”. When we think of starting off with a new year, we definitely don’t want any previous burdens to drag […]

24 Feb

Best Savings Account Bonus Offers

Lauren Perez There’s no shortage of checking account bonus offers, with everyone from small local banks to the big household names offering hundreds of dollars to new customers. Banks know it’s hard to get you to leave your old bank, especially when you’re comfortable with the accounts you have. But […]

24 Feb

What Do I Need to Open a Bank Account?

Alli Romano iStock When you need a place to stash your cash, a bank or credit union is a reliable choice. A bank account will give you access to important services, including checks, a debit card and online banking, as well as the opportunity to take out loans or earn […]

20 Feb

Checking vs. Savings Account: Understanding Which to Choose

Renee Morad iStock <![CDATA[/**//*]]]]>*/]]> There are many decisions to make when you decide to open a new bank account, ranging from which financial institution to work with, to whether you want features like an intuitive mobile app. But perhaps the most important decision to begin with is whether you would […]

28 Dec

10 Money Mistakes Everyone Makes at the Beginning of the Year

Jamie Friedlander When it comes to one’s finances, bad decisions can have a snowball-like effect. If you start off the year forgetting a payment here and there, being disorganized with your taxes or failing to contribute to your retirement accounts, you’re setting yourself up for a disorderly financial life in […]

22 Dec

Fresh EBT App Review

Kate Rockwood iStock Smartphones have transformed the way we do so many things, from banking and shopping to getting directions and communicating. But even though the vast majority of us are walking around with powerful computers in our pockets, many government programs are still decidedly low-tech and time consuming. Until […]

20 Dec

How Does a Roth IRA Work?

Dori Zinn As you plan your retirement for life after work, you’ll face a multitude of choices. You might have a 401(k) through your job, for example, and if it matches contributions, you should take advantage of it. But if you don’t have that option or you want some extra […]

17 Dec

What is a SEP IRA?

Kate Ashford iStock If you’re a freelancer or you run your own business, odds are you’ve heard about SEP IRAs, which are individual retirement accounts for self-employed individuals and small-businesses owners. A simplified employee pension (SEP) IRA gives you the ability to save for retirement while lowering your taxable income. […]