Monday, 8 August 2022

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29 Oct

Step by Step Guide to Filling out a Money Order

Ever wondered whether there are other “affordable” and “safer” ways to transfer money or make payments? A money order is one of those ways. With a money order, you will not have to use your credit card, a personal check, or pay the beneficiary in cash. It is also pretty […]

02 Oct

The Best Debt Payoff Apps for 2019

Overspending and my pocketbook go hand-in-hand. Unfortunately, my pocketbook hasn’t really been able to keep up with my expenditures, even though I often act as it does. It’s easy to neglectfully whip out the plastic to cover frequent trips to the mall. It’s also easy to turn a blind eye […]

09 Jun

The Best High Yield Checking Accounts in 2021

Checking accounts are like a pair of khakis slacks: You should have at least one, but shopping for them is a chore. You know you need a checking account—preferably one without fees—but most people think it’s not going to yield more than a token amount in interest. These high yield […]

29 Mar

Review of Ria: An International Money Transfer Provider

Anna Davies With over 350,000 locations worldwide and a robust online presence, Ria is a convenient option for people who need a no-hassle way to send money internationally. Launched in 1987 as a single New York City storefront, Ria has expanded exponentially in more than thirty years in operation. In […]

27 Mar

The Best Ways to Send Money Internationally

Sarah Li Cain Just two decades ago, someone wanting to send money internationally had two, maybe three options in total to choose from. Today, there are countless startups vying for your international money transfer business and more coming all the time. Making sense of all the competing offers can be […]

14 Mar

MoneyGram Money Transfer Review

Michelle Black MoneyGram is a widely-used money transfer service, and in our review, we found that it stacks up well against the competition in some areas, and not so great in others. If you’re looking for a way to send or receive money quickly, MoneyGram is certainly convenient and hard […]

26 Feb

Dirty Little Secrets About the Tax Debt Relief Industry

If you are anticipating a tax refund, you must actually be getting butterflies in your stomach. What a feeling it is when you get an extra paycheck from IRS, right? But what if you realize that you owe to IRS? It could possibly be because you have been amongst the […]

16 Nov

Why the Ghost of Christmas Past – Debt – Doesn’t Haunt Millennials

In late 2017 conducted a survey on Christmas spending and the results were nothing short of startling. The study results indicated that contrary to the expectation that despite the seemingly inevitable train wreck credit card debt after the holidays, millennials had no intention of limiting their spend. In fact, […]