Saturday, 18 September 2021

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13 Sep

What is a balance transfer and how does it work – Michelle Hutchison

Hi, I'm Michelle Hutchison money expert at one of Australia's biggest financial comparison websites, findercom au Today, I'm going to talk about balance transfer credit cards So what is a balance transfer? It's essentially when you have a debt from one card, say it's at 17%, and you move that […]

11 Sep

Is It A Good Idea To Use Balance Transfer Credit Cards To Pay Off Debt?

Yes Richard these offers are totally legitimate they can also be very dangerous When you sign up for what's known as a 0% APR balance transfer Your transferring your highest interest rate debt to a card with no interest charges So you're literally saving about 15% or more until the […]

09 Sep

How Does a Large Balance Transfer Affect My Credit Score? – Credit Card Insider

Hi My name is John Ulzheimer, and I'm a credit expert who contributes to CreditCardInsider com Today's question is this How does a large balance transfer affect my credit score? That's a very good question Balance transfer offers are very aggressive these days In fact, many credit card issuers are […]

16 Aug

What’s a Credit Card Balance Transfer? | Lloyds Bank Video

A credit card balance transfer is where you transfer part or all of what you owe from one credit or store card to another credit card, usually at a lower interest rate It can be well worth doing if you are paying interest on your credit or store cards, as […]