Saturday, 26 November 2022

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A Battle of Ride Request Apps: Lyft vs Uber
23 Apr

A Battle of Ride Request Apps: Lyft vs. Uber

Over the last few years, ride request apps have come and made getting a ride easier than we all thought it could get. But that’s not all; as they gained momentum, gig opportunities were created not just for the nerds at Silicon Valley. Two of the most popular ride request apps at […]

01 Jan

19 Best Credit Cards January 2022 and Beyond

Every month I make a post with what I consider to be the best credit card offers at the time, with a particular focus on the best travel credit cards. With it being a new year, it’s a great time to start getting your points earning strategy in order, so […]

American Express, Business Plus and Corporate card review
19 Nov

American Express Business Extra and Corporate Card Review

Is the American Express® / Business Extra® Corporate Card the right credit card to meet your business travel needs? American Express  disclaimer American Express As you’re growing your business, having the right credit card can make a world of difference. And for companies with large travel expenses, the potential savings […]

15 Feb

Celebrate Margarita Day with this Head Spinning Mix

Remember the meltdown that Ross was having in F.R.I.E.N.D.S when he discovered that his “Best Friend Joey” and his ex-girlfriend Rachel are willing to be in a relationship?! Well even if you don’t then I certainly do because it was Ross who inspired me to stir up a pitcher of […]

19 Jan

10 Ways Celebrate Martin Luther King Day

Get Out and Go Away is what we should ask from the Storm but instead let’s do the possible and literally storm out for this 21st Jan, Martin Luther King Day. This day is celebrated on the 3rd Monday of January and instead of getting just 1 we get 3 […]

17 Jan

Does Debt Snowflake Actually Work?

Jamie Friedlander Two of the most popular debt payoff strategies are debt snowball and debt avalanche. Debt snowball, popularized by Dave Ramsey, involves paying off your debts from the smallest to the largest balance. Debt avalanche involves paying off your debts from highest to lowest interest rate. There’s another winter-related […]

30 Dec

10 Tips to Host a Frugal yet Dazzling New Years Eve Party Bash

“Time to chug the booze and dance on top of the table as the clock strikes 12”, does this sound familiar to you? Ah, the art of welcoming the New Year merrily. New Year calls for a new celebration of life and times that lie ahead. However thrilling the New […]

21 Dec

8 Ways to Pay Off $100k in Student Loan Debt (or More)

Rebecca Safier iStock With tuition costs higher than ever, some college grads are finding themselves with student loan balances of $100,000 or more. If you’re one of them, you might be feeling completely overwhelmed about tackling this mountain of debt. But there are ways to pay off this much without […]

19 Nov

A Financial Checklist for Your 1st Year in the Workforce

Brittney Laryea iStock Congratulations! You just got your first job — and your first paycheck as a full-time worker is on its way. You’re an adult. You’re independent. And you have no idea what to do. “You will be tempted to use up all of your money to purchase things […]

16 Nov

Why the Ghost of Christmas Past – Debt – Doesn’t Haunt Millennials

In late 2017 conducted a survey on Christmas spending and the results were nothing short of startling. The study results indicated that contrary to the expectation that despite the seemingly inevitable train wreck credit card debt after the holidays, millennials had no intention of limiting their spend. In fact, […]