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The Best 4 Credit Cards for Travel in 2017

The Best 4 Credit Cards for Travel in 2017
31 Jul

Today I'm making the video that everyone's been asking me to make Today I'm talking about credit cards! Specifically, I'm going to talk about the best 4 credit cards for traveling The first card is the trendiest credit card these days it's the Chase Sapphire Reserve The best feature of card is that it earns tons of reward points that you can redeem for travel The card earns 3 points for every dollar that you spend on travel or dining The points are worth 15 cents each towards travel which means you're getting about 4

5% back on any dining or travel purchase The card includes a free membership to Priority Pass which gets you into hundreds of airport lounges around the world You can also sign up for TSA PreCheck or Global Entry and the card will reimburse you for the fee The card has a $450 annual fee, which may seem high however, your first $300 in travel expenses are reimbursed every year That makes the annual fee effectively $150 The other big premium travel card is the American Express Platinum Card now this card won't earn you quite as many reward points as the Sapphire Reserve but it makes up for that with lots of perks Just like the Sapphire Reserve, this card will get you free TSA PreCheck, free Global Entry and a free membership to Priority Pass Additionally, the Platinum Card will give you access to lots of other lounges like the Delta lounges and the American Express Centurion lounges, which are real fancy The Platinum Card comes with lots of other benefits like hotel status and a concierge phone number for travel but the best feature of this card is that it's made of a heavy piece of metal which is super useful The Platinum Card does have a pretty high annual fee of $550 a year however that fee is offset by a $200 airline credit and a $200 Uber credit if you're not interested in fancy rewards cards and high annual fees then the Capital One Quicksilver is probably the best card for you This is one of the only cards that has no annual fee and no international fees, so you can use this card anywhere in the world and not spend any extra money The Quicksilver also earns 15% cash back on all purchases which is a fairly competitive rate, and cashback is much more flexible than travel points Now I'm cheating a bit on this last card because it's not actually a credit card Still, it's one of the most valuable pieces of plastic that you can travel with This is the Charles Schwab Investor Debit Card and it's the best debit card you can carry Not only are there no fees to use any ATMs anywhere in the world, but Schwab will reimburse you for any additional fees charged by the ATM In the past year, I've had over $200 in ATM fees reimbursed The Schwab Debit Card is the best way to get foreign currency anywhere in the world Hope that was helpful! Next time I'll talk about how you can use credit cards to travel for free!

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