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The credit card toss, Ozil’s biggest fan & Aubameyang’s request – Arsenal moments you missed

The credit card toss, Ozil’s biggest fan & Aubameyang’s request – Arsenal moments you missed
31 Jul

The credit card tossYou might have thought you were imagining things before kick-off when you saw the referee talking to Mesut Ozil and Adrian Rabiot Because just as you thought he was about to do the standard coin toss to decide who will kick-off, a man next to him launched something a lot bigger than a coin into the air Yes, that’s right, he was tossing a credit card – as you do

But it wasn’t because the referee had forgotten his coin or he just simply refuses to carry cash, it was because one of the match sponsors was in fact Union Pay International – who provide banking services across Asia So there you go Ozil’s autographIf the last few days here in Singapore had told us anything, it was that Mesut Ozil is incredibly popular in southeast Asia Every single time his face popped up on the big screens in the stadium, it was met by huge roars And every time he went to have a shot during the open training session on Friday night, the fans inside the stadium were on their feet cheering his name But what happened before the game on Saturday was quite remarkableAs Ozil stood waiting to lead the team out, the match referee actually turned around, gave him a pen and asked for the Arsenal captain’s autograph Ozil obviously assisted, as you would expect – by signing the referee’s yellow card Aubameyang’s shirt requestGianluigi Buffon was a one man barrier on Saturday night in the first half Had it not been for the legendary Italian keeper, Arsenal would have had three or four goals by the time the half-time whistle went He denied Aubameyang, Mkhitaryan and Iwobi to keep his side in the game

It was a wonderful performance from the former Juventus man And Aubameyang was clearly impressed, because as the teams left the pitch at the interval, the Arsenal striker went straight over to Buffon and asked for his shirt He then walked down the tunnel with a huge smile on his face while clutching his prized possession Ozil, Aubameyang and Mustafi’s danceThe spirt at Arsenal right now really does seem excellent Everyone is smiling, everyone seems to be having fun The whole squad seems to be buying into the changes being brought in by Unai Emery As usual, Aubameyang seems to be the player leading most of the shenanigans – and he was once again right in the middle of the action when the camera cast its gaze on the Arsenal bench immediately following Eddie Nketiah’s goal Aubameyang, Mesut Ozil and Shokdran Mustafi were all enjoying a little jig of delight – one they have obviously all done before

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