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The Top 4 Small Business Credit Cards for 2018

The Top 4 Small Business Credit Cards for 2018
04 Aug

Hello gang Michael Hsu from DeepSky Every single month, the same questions get repeated in all my entrepreneurs groups And that is What is the business credit card that all of the entrepreneurs are using these days? Today I'm gonna share with you the four business credit cards that I carried with me every single day and what I use these for So First card American Express Platinum Card This card I primary use it for all of the airfare travel that I have to do So, it is fantastic because of two things One, if you book through their website they give you 5x points And two, if you use points to book any business class or first class travel They actually give you 35% of the points back That is tremendous value and it's a great card to use to book any business or first class travel internationally if you do that a lot The second card that I use is the American Express SPG Card I'm personal a fan of all of the Starwood hotels So, SPG card is great fo me It gives me gold status in SPG Westin hotel Sheraton and W hotel So that way I can stay until 4 pm

in the afternoon whenever I go out to a conference and I need to some quiet time to get some work done It is fantastic for that By the way, shoutout to W Hotel in Taipei I absolutely love that hotel If you guys are ever out there go visit them The next one, I want to talk about is the CHASE Ink Business Cash Card Now, the Chase Ink Business Cash is actually one of their older card that was being offered And it is fantastic for two things Food and gas so this is primarily use for local travel as well as your meals, entertainments with your clients because they give you 3X the points of every time you spend money in these two categories The last card I want talk to you about is CHASE Ink Preferred Card So Chase Ink Preferred Card is fantastic for all of entrepreneurs out there if you're actually spending money on Facebook advertisement Google advertisement For any online ads spent I believe the Chase Ink Preferred card right now is giving you 3X points of all of your advertisement spent So, if you're spending $100,000 a single month on your facebook advertising Imagine what kind of points that can get you So, again those are the four business credit cards that I carry on a day-to-day basis and they actually help a lot in my business Some entrepreneurs might feel like hey you know what I'm afraid to spend using credit card because it might be irresponsible or I don't have the money to pay it back But, if you're smart about it, and you utilize it carefully and pay it off at the end of every single month it helps tremendously with cash flow and help you with that extra thirty date flow as far as giving you the added benefits of points and travel perks There you have it Until next time I hope you guys are growing profitably

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