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Three Tricks I Use To Get FREE Amazon Gift Cards and Paypal CASH! Ready for 2017!

Three Tricks I Use To Get FREE Amazon Gift Cards and Paypal CASH! Ready for 2017!
01 Aug

Waves and rooooooocks Hey friends! I am of course Oh My Super Saiyan God, and if you take one glance at my chanel or at my blogs you know that I'm obsessed with collectibles, particularly my beloved Dragon Ball and Persona 4 figures and such I occasionally get comments from people who would like to start or grow their own collections but feel they are unable to afford to do so, and I want to encourage you all to live the dream! I live in Orange County California, one of the most expensive parts of the USA, and I work an entry level job, part time, so if I can collect then so can you! Before I get into my methods, I'm going to show you quick proof that this works: here are my most recent collectibles purchases

Notice the cost of the item vs the amount I actually paid- zero Anyway, these are the three methods that I've used to procure over 90% of my collection for free Trick number one: Credit card rewards I know that credit cards are a controversial subject, but they're actually something I recommend for everyone to get started using asap As long as you pay your balance each month they won't get you into debt or charge you interest, and they'll build your credit score, and more importantly for this video, they'll give you free money

Yep, I said free money I have two credit cards that I use for all pretty much all of my purchases I treat it like cash and only spend money on them that I actually have in my bank account so I can pay them off in full each month I use them for unavoidable expenses such as groceries, gas, my phone bill and health insurance Every month when I get my statement, I get a percentage of what I spent as rewards that I can use either for statement credit, exchange it for gift cards, or I can use it directly to buy items on Amazon

So for example, my health insurance and phone bill, two expenses I have to pay each month no matter what, cost me a little over two hundred dollars I pay them with a card that gives me one percent cash back, so from those I get two bucks every month, or twenty four dollars a year So that money I'd have to spend anyway gives me enough back to buy a decent figure or statue My grocery bill each month is around fifty dollars I know most people spend a LOT more than that, but I'm thrifty as heck, think extreme couponing, except with less coupons, ha ha

But even with my fifty, that's fifty cents a month, six bucks a year That'll buy a tiny figure But! One of my credit cards does rotating categories that get five percent back, so for half the year I'm getting five percent back on my groceries, or $250 a month for free My insurance on my bike is four hundred and fifty dollars a year

That's four dollars and fifty cents for free See how this adds up? On top of that, a lot of credit cards give you a bonus when you open an account with them My discover card gave me fifty bucks That'll buy a video game or an SH Figurarts or something And, if you're willing to look around a bit, there are cards that will give you a higher percentage back

The cards I personally use are the Chase Freedom card, which is one percent back with five percent categories that change four times a year, and the Chase Amazon credit card, which is one percent back with three percent back through Amazon I don't recommend Discover even though I mentioned them earlier, the card I have through them has an overly conveluted and difficult to understand rewards program where you only get a fraction of a percent unless you hit a certain spending threshold Avoid cards that charge an annual fee, they aren't worth it But, if you get one for whatever reason, call customer service and ask if they'll wave the fee for you You'll be surprised how many fees you can get waived just by asking nicely, but that's a topic outside of the scope of this video

So now that you know how to use the purchases you'll be making anyway on credit cards to get your collectibles for free, let's talk about the second trick! There are a number of websites and apps that will pay you a little to do various things, most of which really aren't worth it However, there are a few that I can wholeheartedly recommend Before I explain, I wanted to add that these websites will pay you for referals, but I am NOT going to include my ref link here, because I want you guys to know that I'm being honest about my experiences and not just trying to make a quick buck off of you Anyone posting referal links in my comments will have the comment removed so don't even think about it The first website I recommend is Microsoft Rewards

Basically, you use the not so great search engine Bing and Microsoft gives you money I love this because I can quickly click through my daily searches in less than a minute each day, then quickly click through the day's additional offers, and make five or ten bucks a month this way I have them pay me with Amazon gift cards If you have questions about the specifics leave a comment and I'll be happy to answer them, but if you go onto Bing and click that box in the upper right corner to sign up it's all pretty self explanitory The second website that I recommend is Swagbucks

Yes, the name is really stupid, but don't let that stop you from trying it Now, Swagbucks is my big earner that pays for the majority of my collectibles While it varies from day to day, it's possible to make a hundred a month on here I could make an entire video on this site, but this video is getting long so to keep things brief, you do surveys, watch ads, sign up for stuff, standard GPT site type stuff I recommend keeping an eye on the subreddit for swagbucks if you use this site as it can help steer you to the best offers and warn you about the ones that don't credit

This site can be extremely frustrating If you've done online surveys before, you know you'll be disqualified for a lot of them Some of the offers won't credit even if you follow instructions perfectly, and a lot of offers will harvest your info for spam, so be very careful not to put your address, email, or phone number in on anything unless you're prepared for a potential barrage of junk Also, some offers will take you to websites with malware, which is another reason I recommend keeping an eye on the Swagbucks subreddit as it will help you steer clear from some of them So with all that said, why do I still recommend this site? Well, with a good anti virus program on your computer, a little patience, some free time, and careful judgement you really can make enough on there to be worth the frustration

And you can cash out to PayPal, amazon gift cards, or a ton of other methods, so there are very few limits on what you can buy with the money from here If you're interested in other GPT sites and similar things I recommend checking out the subreddit called Beermoney And with all that out of the way, what's the third trick to getting free collectibles? It's very simple Just tell everyone you know that you're a collector and BAM Your birthday? Figures

The holidays? Plushies You petsit for your neighbor and they want to thank you for it? Wallscrolls You saved a stranger's life? Autographed cast photo from your favorite show No seriously It's obvious because it works

Okay! That was way longer than I meant it to be, if you watched the whole thing you're a champ! Feel free to ask any questions you have and I'll be happy to help as best I can If you have any ideas and suggestions for other ways to get the goods without having to spend 'real' money please let me know! So if you love getting free things click the like button! If you hate it when someone gifts you the exact collectible you've been dreaming of click the dislike button! And for more of my own collection make sure you hit the subscribe button and like magic my Dragon Ball, Persona, and other anime and video game collections will appear on your youtube Happy collecting! Waves and rooooooocks

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