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TRAVEL HACKS: LUXURY TRAVEL | Using Credit Card Rewards for Business Class

TRAVEL HACKS: LUXURY TRAVEL | Using Credit Card Rewards for Business Class
31 Jul

the top reason point we deserve and absolutely should live isn't class and how its recoup your points so you can't feel guilty about it coming at you and Hey guys, it's Tess welcome to wander wealthy I am currently in Milan I will be here for the next two months I'll show you around but there's not much to see because we're in the suburbs but that's kind of what I'm looking at right now it's a beautiful day today finally it's a little bit less hot than most days I am a true Midwestern girl at heart and the heat here is intense I have a really exciting topic to share with today about traveling with luxury on a budget everyone deserves to experience business class once in their life and I really can't wait to share the details about it today but it's a little bit loud out here so we're going to head inside to finish this recording let's go all right so we are in the kitchen I am so excited about today's topic because it's kind of a mixture of everything I love about wonder well it's travel and living a life of luxury was doing it within your mo I'm sharing how to pack this luxury travel by using a credit card point now if you've seen my videos you know I'm a self-proclaimed entry-level travel hacker I've been doing this for quite a while but I mainly focus on airlines and using credit card points to get air miles if you want to see my video where I teach you how to get an international flight almost completely paid for and click up here or I'll put it the link in the description box I also have a free training where I show you how to do it I walk you step-by-step through how I go about finding a credit card and finding flight where I want to go using those points and how to do it with the financial savviness in mind that I teach all of my students in my class today we're kind of taking it to that next level we're looking at how to have luxury travel and it's something that I did recently was I flew from San Francisco to Milan in business class and it was amazing typically when you fly especially if you book your flight with points you'll get put in the economy or coach classes that's great it's amazing to get an international flight to begin with but I really wanted to treat myself at a particularly rough month where I was just extremely busy and I decided that one way I'm going to treat myself was by using so my Airways want to upgrade me to this class why because of three main number one and exactly why you should do this too is because when you apply business bucks you get come late down flat if you book your flight in economy or coach you get to recline what it makes it still a little bit difficult to actually fall asleep when you're in different class you get to lay all the way down and it is just divine I mean laying down has never felt so amazing after a long-haul flight this allows you to wake up relax actually get to sleep your blood has rushed all the way to your ankles giving you K home it's just a really great way to love and pamper yourself and treat yourself in addition to laying down when you are in flight you're pretty much fab the entire time and you get some really great amenities these include an amenity kit that comes with a mask hock two-person toothpaste even like a skin care kit they have face white hand cream chapstick and even lavender pillows and all in all you just come out of your flight feeling so completely entirely refreshed did I mention that the screens for the movies are bigger they're bigger okay but besides all that there are two other really great reasons to five of this class if you have the opportunity you should absolutely your points to upgrade number two is that often flying internationally you have some sort of a layover or connecting flight and you typically have a really short layover or a really long one for some reason there's just never a happy medium when you haven't really showing me over you're probably pretty stressed you typically have to go to passport control maybe even security again and it can be really helpful to have delete in mind and try to rush through and feel like you're going to miss your next flight you can use it by flying business or first class because you usually get primary access your security line and because you're going to board the plane first but also get off the plane proof that you have a lot more time for yourself to make it to passport control and again through security when you make that connection in a another foreign country I know it sounds really kind of lame like oh you get to go through security early but bigs a huge difference when you're super sort out because you only have an hour to get to the other side of the airport to get on your flight – I don't know a place that's over thousand miles reason number three on the other side of those layover being short in lane would be super super long when you fly business for first-class you get lounge access lounge access in unloading the Blake okay sounds like we're in the airport for three two hours being in a lounge is anything you get to get away from the crowd they often have food and drink free there for free you can connect to their Wi-Fi and to worked if you want you can even lay down take a nap or you can have shower so it's really an opportunity to get refreshed relax away from all the hustle and bustle and just be productive or read a book or connect with friends and family back home and this is exactly what I did online mailman when I just took – the file display those are the three reasons why it's often defined business problems a solution is a good opportunity and now I want to share into detail so it cost me twenty seven thousand five hundred additional points to believe it is classified now if you watched my last video on channel hacking you'll know that to get to Milan and sixty thousand points and 120 dollars which is insanely important role and cheap to fly halfway around the world 27,000 the point is almost passed on what I think cost me to get them on and it's been likely afford me around trip domestic flights or another one-way flight internationally but I really wanted to use these points to treat myself during some reason why a I knew and I wasn't going to be flying or meeting to purchase a round-trip ticket with these points in the coming six months or so be with the credit card rewards programs I am sign up for in specific cards I have I have some really great benefit to accumulate point I don't typically recommend plan up for a card for the point accumulation benefit you're going to get the most bang for your buck when you just look at the sign up bonus and that is you know the 60,000 points iceberg or the 50,000 points Ida bonus but I have achieved that they're reserved card which has a really awesome metal designer bonus that I got at the time but they also have really great point multipliers when I started marking on this card so not only is it was one point for every dollar raised but that was hard but anything dunes or travel related I get three times the amount of points now the tip after Luther and the fairly high end you'll see there are other chase cards that are really great and other cards that also have some good bull fires you just have to look at the benefits section and do some research and find which ones are right for you but with the current and what would be less difficult to get back to those at twenty five thousand five hundred points that I spent on my business class upgrade so three times the amount of points on travel and driving out which travel even include money that I spent on told money that I spend goober eyes and money they spend on public transportation so travel is fairly flexible including rental cars hotels others life and then of course dining out whenever I'm eating out a director or I'm just picking something up to go quick I always use my credit card and that I can get three times the amount of points another way to recoup points really taught is planning for time Damaris spent money on the repeal of consumer goods I know for instance that in the next couple month the holidays are coming and I can use cheeses shopping portable to go through and rain money on a bunch of different stores online to get gifts for my friends and family all of these doors that you'll see on this screen show that they have different point multiplier for every dollar you spend but I could go to Sephora and get three or four times the point and that's to spending money on my own makeup regimen if I wanted to get something for my parents I can always get to a Macy's or Neiman Marcus and then there's also you know maybe I need some Pro X's and I want to get fifteen times the points for every dollar I spend you can see how using shopping portals like this which old every airline rewards program how the shopping portal as well as a lot of credit card companies that just give you points in the car there are shopping pouring out there so make sure that when you are spending a lot of money on some consumer items those tips and whatnot that you go through the portal and not solely by our discs because then you're going to read through those points as well this is how I Hackett I use my credit card rewards between upgrade myself in this class to that legend subtree I can afford and I wanted to show you that is it completely possible and zero of dollars to upgrade myself to in this class I got these points through just my regular everyday spending I would have spent that money anyway the entire point is not to spend the money to get the point but to spend your money wisely and know how to get points on money you're already going to be spending there are a bunch of great credit card offers out there make sure you do your research and make sure you watch my training if you want to know exactly how to do this while still being financially smart the point is to show you that living the life of adventure and a life of luxury is affordable you can do it you just got to put a little muscle to it if you liked this video go ahead and give it a thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to my channel so you can see videos that I post on a weekly basis and if you wanna join the conversation around travel packing personal development or just managing your money right make sure to join the wander wealthy private community go to wwwhsn I will give you the instructions to get access to the community straightaway we can't wait to see you in the group until then I hope you wonder well Chappell

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