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Vanquis Bank – How to build credit with Vanquis Credit Cards

Vanquis Bank – How to build credit with Vanquis Credit Cards
15 Sep

Check your credit rating with a reputable credit agency and correct any inaccuracies and if you're eligible, sign up on the Electoral Register at your current address Apply for a Vanquis Card and sign up for the Credit Building Tips Newsletter

Budget your income and expenses and plan to pay all debts on time — use the Vanquis wall planner Set up direct debits for your Vanquis minimum or full monthly payment and for other bills like your gas and electricity Use your Vanquis card each month, check your balance regularly and avoid going over limit Build a good credit history by making all payments on time Not only your Vanquis Card, but gas, electricity and other bills too

Set up a direct debit instruction for your Vanquis minimum or full payment — so you never miss a Vanquis payment Join e-Vanquis to check your statements online and get SMS reminders You could also check your balance regularly using Quickcall on 01623 23 23 23 Make sure you are always aware of your Vanquis balance and credit limit to avoid going over limit allow for estimated interest when making a payment Download our interactive wall planner and plan your way to better credit step by step Sign up for tips and advice from Vanquis for improving your credit limit

Make sure your other debts are manageable and all payments are made on time — gas, electricity, store cards and others If you are eligible, make sure you are on the Electoral Register Check your credit rating from time to time and see those green ticks multiply

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