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What can a cash-back credit card do for you?

What can a cash-back credit card do for you?
31 Jul

Hi there, I'm Brooklyn Lowery with CardRatingscom

Can I ask you a question? Where do you plan to spend your money this week; or, more broadly, what do you budget for every single month If you're like most people the bulk of your money is spent on gas, groceries, eating out with friends and maybe buying a new pair of pants at a local department store It's probably NOT spent on tons of plane tickets all over the world or 10-night stays at all-inclusive resorts The reality is most of our money is spent in everyday purchases That's why a cash-back credit card could be a great addition to your wallet

Cash-back credit cards offer you a percentage of cash back based on your everyday purchases and most of those are in categories like gas or groceries or restaurants or some rotating categories for things like Amazoncom or at Target or wholesale clubs The bottom line is that these cards are designed to reward you for the things that you'd be buying every, single day And who doesn't want to get some cash back for the gas that you have to buy just to get to and from work We have a lot of favorite cash-back cards here at CardRatings, and I invite you to check out our picks in the link below

Or you could just browse our tables and see what you might find that would fit well into your lifestyle Whatever your choice, make sure that you're getting rewards for those everyday purchases

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Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card

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