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What Credit Card Should I Get For Travel? Part 1

What Credit Card Should I Get For Travel? Part 1
31 Jul

What's up Buddha's today's the first episode of a new mini series I'm doing on what credit card you should get especially for travel packing welcome back Buddha's like I said I'm starting a new mini series of different episodes on which credit cards to get especially for travel hacking everybody as their own goals when it comes to credit cards some people want cash back some people want to correct raise their credit score as high as they can for me – free travels that means getting as many free airline flights and free hotel stays as I possibly can and utilizing credit cards to my benefit so this series is gonna explain what my exact path would be if I was going through starting from the very beginning through all the credit cards that we'd get to the advanced stages of credit cards, okay so this episode is over the chase freedom unlimited this is a great credit card to start out with if you have never had any credit at all whatsoever it's similar to the discover it card it's very easy to be approved for and it's great for building a relationship with Chase now there are three main benefits to the chase freedom unlimited the first one is zero annual fee when most people are going around looking for their very first credit card they're daunted by annual fees they think why the hell do I want to go and pay a bank to just use their card on purchases that are already going to cost me money we can get onto that later on but the main thing is with this first card zero dollars for an annual fee the second thing is you will get fifteen thousand chase you are points or a hundred fifty dollars cash back if you spend five hundred dollars in the first three months I don't know about you but I can think of every single person that is 18 years old that can spend five hundred dollars and three months just with their normal spending it's pretty easy to do and that's $150 or 15000 chase you are points which to me that's a lot more valuable fifteen thousand you are points can be transferred to Southwest and that's a round-trip flight to many places if you book in advance just to put it in perspective okay the third aspect of the chase freedom unlimited is that you have 0% APR and 0% on balance transfers for the first 15 months that's a huge amount of time most cards at most are going 12 months 15 months gives you a year and three months of 0% APR I'm not gonna come out here and advocate to go around and spend for 15 months and then rack up debt and then you'll have to pay that off after the 15 months but if you use that to your advantage so you're starting a business and you don't want to get a business credit card to start with you get this and you need to have a couple months of inventory before it starts paying you back that's a great way to do it without having to pay the interest for those first couple months okay the last and main thing about the chase freedom unlimited is that you get one point five times points per every dollar on any purchase so a lot of cars a lot of categories like shopping or gas or PayPal or something they'll give you higher points and then every other purchase you make is $100 well with the chase freedom unlimited everything is 1

5 times points I know many business owners on our Amazon or Shopify business owners that use Inc but then once they get through 150,000 with the Inc they don't have that spend anymore and all they're earning is one point so after that one point five points is huge a lot of different cards have those different spend categories but having one point five times points on everything is huge it's a game changer it's a great car especially for your first one okay now let me give you the main point of why we are getting the chase freedom unlimited you're not gonna sign up for this and you're never gonna find eighty thousand points you're never gonna have it it's not one of the cards that's hooked to Southwest or it's not United or it's not a hotel card so you're not earning those other points but you can transfer the chase you are points to those if you want to the best thing and the reason we're getting this card is to build a relationship with Chase so that your next cards you start to get you will be approved for it once you build that initial relationship with Chase you can easily be approved for these other cards that's what we're going for is that relationship okay thank you very much for tuning in this is again the first episode of our mini series of what credit cards you should be getting especially for travel hacking I hope this was a lot of great information for all of you if you liked it please hit the like button and definitely hit subscribe so you can catch the next couple episodes coming out and all of the other great content I put out on this channel also once I finished this miniseries I'm considering doing a business credit card series so if you want me to do that series put business in the comments alright catch you on the next you

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