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What is Amazon Household

What is Amazon Household
01 Aug

hey guys its tyler with ninja deals and I got a new video for you today about Amazon household Amazon household is a perfect service for Prime members who want to share those benefits with their whole household it also features a few other benefits that are great for the whole family in this video I'm going to show you all about Amazon household how it works how to use it and how to find great deals using Amazon household so what is Amazon household Amazon household was created to benefit Prime members who want to share their pride benefits with the people who love the most their family it is part of Amazon that gives the ability to have a single Amazon entity for your entire family that you can control Amazon household can contain up to 6 members you can add two adults who both have their own Amazon accounts and you can add up to 4 children for use on Amazon three times and we'll get a little bit more into what Amazon free time is later in order to share this benefit design of the household both adults must agree to share wallets which means you will both have access to each other's debit credit card payment options when you sign up for Amazon household you can share your prime benefits with one other adult in your house and you can both enjoy all the great benefits of Prime you will also get access to the family bulb and the family vault is a part of Amazon Prime where you can chair upload and browse all of your family's photos so each family member will have their own section where they can take and upload pictures to their vault and they'll have another section where they can share those videos or photos with other members of the family or the entire family so you can have a family photo vault with all of your kids and spouses photos all collected together and you can look and add with photos anywhere anytime you'll also get access to Amazon twitch prime which is a popular service for the case puts Prime is Amazon's game service where you can get great gaming benefits with virtual currency free games and more you can also watch other gamers play live so your kids will be entertained for hours so what are some of the benefits of Amazon household well you can access the thousands of movies and TVs with Prime video you'll get 30 minutes early access to Amazon lighting bills you get free two-day shipping on over fifty billion products as well as unlimited photo storage and multiple accounts family members you will get two percent rewards every time you reload your Amazon gift card and like I said before you'll also get a fifteen percent baby registry coupon compliments of Amazon family and you can even manage your children's content with Amazon free time so how do you use Amazon household well if you get started just head to the household home page here and you should see an area where you can create your household so as you can see here we have add a child and add adults so in order to share your Prime benefits with your spouse you will need to add them to your Amazon household account it's important to note that if you're adding adult both adults must be present in order to create the household so first sign into your account head to the Amazon helpful area and click Add module now you can enter in your spouse's Amazon account signing information to verify that account and connect both your credit and debit cards and now your household will be ready to add children to so you can simply go back to the home page and click add a child and you can enter in their nickname or first name let's call them kid one and enter their gender and birthdate and choose an icon for them and save and now you will have your adults and your children all right here your manager household where you can do sorta management things like creating your library and managing your content and manage any shared payments your spouse so that's pretty much image on household it's a great way to share your pride benefit with your family members and it's also a great way to give your kids access to some cool content and kid shows that you get for free just by signing up with Amazon household be sure to follow our channel and check out ninja dillio to get the best deals from Amazon sent to your mailbox every day

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