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Why Credit Cards Are A Scam – Honest Ads

Why Credit Cards Are A Scam – Honest Ads
17 Aug

Want to have money without having money? Want to go to the stores and pick things up because you want them? So use my HortonCard, it's reliable, there is no mess It's a "I owe you" chic plastic which will make you swim in debt for the rest of your life and your children

And to make sure you feel comfortable spending money that you do not have Let's use this comedian to make you feel like you're not Big Deal I'm from that television show that's doing pretty well So I have the sense of humor about spending money on things that I do not need Just give me my card, my friend Screw you

I do not care because I'm really interested in making money back – Trustworthy – I know Why use a disgusting paper with figures of dead people when you can use my square piece of dinosaur carcass with numbers In fact, nowadays you NEED to have a square piece of recycled PET bottle

Because in what way you could sign an online monthly fee to watch things that have always been free Or paying for an expensive education that will not get you a job Really, no financial milestone That's right To have a roof over your head, you need to earn credit

Which is to actually show in a small square what you must continually pay Somehow, that makes you trustworthy And it shows that you are good with money We made it impossible to live without our plastic dowel with numbers We're putting chips in some of them Look at them It's kind of annoying

What is also very annoying, is that you can not use it anywhere You can use some places that pay me to accept your card, so you can only use money which is the way the people they are getting prefer I'm an expensive middle-aged man who's charging everyone else for using my piece of plastic There is also the fact that you will probably need a different machine if my card does not work in one place and another works It's harder to keep track of how much you spend when you do not do not you see materially the strips of paper decorated with presidents coming out of your hand? We're counting on that Especially when we encourage you no longer use paper

We'll say that it's the environment, but it's really why we know that if we send emails with the ticket, you'll get hit by email If you're even reading them This is when it gets funny, for me and exclusively anyone else We we made that the more you delay to pay us, the more money you owe in interest, making it more difficult to settle the debt That does not sound how should it be illegal? It is not

They are interest Interest is a random percentage We charge you for what we charge This will get very technical and criminal so let's look at the chart If you're the common one American credit card owner, then you owe more than $ 10,000 in debt Let's say that your interest is 2499% and you're only paying the minimum fee because times are tough or, you know, times are not normal, it means that in 10 years you paid more than 26 thousand dollars and still owes 11 thousand dollars, that's only in 10 years

After 50 years, you will have paid 16572900 and still should more than 17 thousand So You always owe me money In addition, The more you use our card, the more useless things you win It's all right! Yes! Let's hear about things, or rather things, return! That's a small portion of the money that you use to pay off the debt

But for sure, you'll never see real money How much more you carry, more return we give you, It's like you're digging a hole, and we hit a handful of earth to help you get out of the hole But only after you dig 15 meters deeper If you are worried that you probably will not be able to pay this credit card, we suggest that you get another card to finish paying the first, then another to pay this the more credit cards, the more you have to pay and the more you owe it to us

It's literally the same device of the Ponzi scheme But we say to you, in small book with 300-page lowercase letters you will never read So, get a HortonCard credit card now Go ahead and drive through machines until you owe us billion Is that too hard? Hey laughter machine, let people feel better about your jokes

Have you noticed how Katy Katy Perry is "You feel better already, right? -Katy Perry is basically Zoey Deschanel without I'm Roger, though

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