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Amazon Prime Free Trial – How To Extend It To 60 Days (Instead Of Just 30 Days) FREE!

Amazon Prime Free Trial – How To Extend It To 60 Days (Instead Of Just 30 Days) FREE!
29 Dec

So in today's video, I'm going to show you how to get the Amazon Prime free trial for 60 days instead of just 30 days I'm talking about extending your free trial and getting an additional 30 days for free Let's unbox that! Hello friends, Rasheed here from proceed to checkout, again where we do tips and tutorials for Amazon customers just like you so if you'd like to see more videos like that then please consider subscribing And also check out the description and show notes below where I'll put links to all the pages mentioned in this video

and anything else you might need I'll leave that below as well Now before we begin what I'm going to show you today is not a hack, It's not a gimmick or a loophole or collusion or anything like that This is simply an offer to extend your free trial and it's offered by Amazon themselves, and I'm going to show you how to get that offer, and when you do you'll be able to tell everyone: "You know I'm like a a smart person" Okay, so what do you need? All you need is to have the 30 day free trial, you need to be on the free trial If you're not on the trial yet, then simply sign up for it It's very easy, but if you don't know how I'll link up a video on the screen that shows you how

So once you've signed up for the free trial the next thing you're gonna do is cancel the trial, but not yet? I'm going to show you the exact steps, but this is the gist of it: You're going to use the trial for 30 days and just before the trial ends that's when you'll cancel it, and when you do that Amazon will ask you if you'd like to try it out for another 30 days It's as simple as that They obviously would like to have you on the full paid membership but if you've already tried it out for 30 days and then you want to cancel, then they'd rather give you another 30 days for free than to lose you completely So that's why they offer you an extension Okay, so here are the steps I suggest you follow: Once you have the free trial go to the "manage your Prime membership" page I'll put a link to that page in the description below, but if you want to go there yourself hover your mouse over "Hello" and your name, and you'll see this drop-down menu click on "your Prime membership" and then once you're on this page on the left hand side you'll see it says "remind me before renewing" Click on that and then three days before your trial period ends Amazon will send you an email or text message to remind you that your trial is about to end So in the meantime don't do anything else, just forget about it and use the Prime benefits So fast-forward to three days before your trial ends, and you'll get a text message or email like this one and if you go into it you'll see it says "This is a reminder that your free trial is ending soon"

So now at this point you can go back to the "Prime membership" page and there's a link to that in this email by the way So on this page notice that I'm on the free trial and that it ends on December 22nd Anyway what I'll do now is go to the bottom and click on "Do not continue my free trial" and On the next page you'll see these three dots at the top This just means that there are three steps or three pages to go through so the offer to extend the free trial should be on the second page So on the first page just click on "End my benefits" And there you go This is the offer "Continue your Prime free trial for another 30 days free

and by the way if you still have three days left before your trial ends and you don't see this offer on the second page then don't click any further, just leave it and try again the next day or on the last day So when you get this offer all you need to do is click on "Extend Prime free trial" and then you'll get a confirmation like this "your free trial has been extended and will now end on January 21st" And just to show you I'll go back to my "Prime membership" page and you can see that it's still a free trial, but it will now end on January 21st, and here's that extension message again So I've just got the Prime trial for an additional 30 days for free and this is on amazoncom in the US and I'm not even in the US Anyway at this point once you have the trial extension you can of course set a reminder again, or set it up so that It doesn't automatically charge you once this trial ends, and if you want to know how to do that I'll put a link on the screen and in the description below

Question for you: Getting a trial extension like I just showed you, do you think that is gaming the system? Do you think it could lead to Amazon raising the price for Prime membership? I know what I think, it doesn't, but tell me what you think in the comments below And that's it for this video Hope you found it useful If you did, give it a like If you didn't, give it a dislike

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Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card

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