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How this Guy Settled $100k worth of Debt will Shock You!

How this Guy Settled $100k worth of Debt will Shock You!
08 Feb

A great man once said, “Once all struggles are grasped, miracles are possible”.

We are not going to talk about that great man. We are going to shed light on another guy who got inspired by those words.

Scott Jones (Name Changed) had an audacious life. From banging drums at the age of six to being a computer geek in his teenage years, Scott had his reasons to love long lines of code.

This obsession of his turned out to be his career. Scott became a software engineer, and although the job doesn’t pay a lot, at least he is doing what he loves.

He had the usual debt on his head, you know.

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His wallet was full of credit cards, a student loan which he successfully paid (yay!) and quite a lot of unsecured loans. We won’t go into the specifics for his own financial being, but all in all, he had total unsecured debt worth a whopping $100k.

Three years ago, Scott decided that years of emotional turmoil and torment was killing him from inside. Did we tell you that Scott is married and lives with his adorable wife and a beautiful daughter?

When their daughter came into this world, Scott decided that it was enough. He wanted to spend his family life free of any torture and especially get rid of all the debt.

He had tried to consolidate it and wasn’t approved of it as nobody was granting him a loan due to a low credit score (a result of unpaid credit card bills). Hell, he even considered Bankruptcy as the last resort!

But then, someone told Scott about Debt Settlement.

That’s when his life changed forever… for good.

He got to know that there are various debt relief companies. What do they do? They are just one call away to settle his debt for less by negotiating with creditors on his behalf. All they charge is a small fee to settle people’s debts.

Scott didn’t have a lot of hope left in the first place. He just wanted it to end. He decided to call one of the best debt settlement companies in the market and they walked him through the procedure.

Next day, he went home to his lovely wife and told her “I’m putting an End to this”.

So it began.

In three years, Scott settled his debt with debt relief and his $100,000 worth of debt was reduced to $57,000. He saved $43,000 just by dialing up a debt relief company at the right time.

“It just took a phone call to save $43k,” Scott said.

Scott’s credit score is now building back up. He has got himself a new secured credit card to bring his credit score back into the green. He plans to buy his Dream Car by the year 2020, and he’s readying his financial records for it.

If you feel like you have too much of debt on your head and you just got to let go, you should consider debt settlement as an option. Save yourself a headache and settle your debt to live a stress-free life!

Scott went for debt settlement and he is living a happy life right now. Baby #2 is on the way and there’s no financial stress on his head.

That’s what a happy family should look like when there isn’t a $100k cloud of debt looming over!

Now’s your time to reduce the stress—these are the best debt settlement options in the market right now, and they are ready to help you out!

When we say that Accredited has earned its keep with its deeds, we mean it. This behemoth of a debt settlement company will literally walk you through the whole process of debt relief. They don’t want to shove it down your throat; they’ll talk you into what is good for you.

You don’t even have to lift a leg—just visit Accredited’s website and fill in some blanks. They will call you in a jiffy and they’ll enquire about your situation. When you talk to ADR, it feels like you are in a conversation with a friend as they treat you like one.

They have multiple debt options that you can go for. They’ll advise you what’s best for your situation. Be it debt settlement, debt management or good ol’ debt consolidation, ADR covers all three fronts.

Debt settlement is quite scary and it might backfire in the long run. Many clients push for debt settlement without knowing its extreme repercussions, and Accredited educates them.

It’s mostly in the green when it comes to Accredited’s reviews- from helpful customer reps to splendid hotline assistance. Customers all over the internet say that Accredited taught them that there’s more to debt relief then debt settlement.

When it comes to Accredited Debt Relief, they cast nothing less than a magic spell to settle your debt. They charge a modest debt settlement fee to do it, and they will educate you about all the other options. We suggest you give them a try!

When it comes to debt settlement, Freedom Debt Relief is the one to look up to.

The largest and most experienced debt settlement company in the country, FDR is a pro in case anyone is seeking settling his/her debt for less. They have already taken care of more than 600,000 clients.

FDR has helped people in climbing the steep mountain of Financial Freedom. It has settled more than $10 billion worth of debt through debt settlement, and the only way to go is up.

The debt settlement procedure is simple, and all you have to do is give them a call. They have a certified debt consultant at your service every day of the week that can assist you in debt settlement procedure.

FDR has a trust-building relationship with creditors which will help you settle hefty chunks of your debt.               The fee structure goes as follows:

If you are looking for debt relief through debt settlement, do give Freedom Debt Relief a try. They won’t let you down!

National Debt Relief is all in for exceptional service and finest consumer support. They are one of the best debt settlement companies in the market and it’s their mission to help you out.

NDR started its operations in the year 2009 and they still continue to spread awareness about debt settlement to responsible American citizens who are looking for their big break to get out of debt.

With the ‘Trust Building’ enigma attached to its name (we are talking about ‘National’ in NDR). Their aim is to educate you of all the debt relief options in the market, which means you can gather all knowledge you want by calling them up.

NDR’s primary focus is to leave you with less stress and less debt. They’ll advise you to go through all the options before you lock in with debt relief. If you tell them that you want to settle debt, they will explain you all its pros and cons.

If you are looking to settle debt and want an expert’s opinion, you should contact NDR. One can say that they’re very good at it. NDR settles private student loans too!

Even if you are having second thoughts about debt settlement, we advise that you give NDR a call and explain them your situation. They will be delighted to help you out.

Debt Settlement is not simple. It takes prowess and sheer display of willpower to settle with creditors for a lesser amount. It’s not a piece of cake, even for the best debt settlement companies in the market.

It was not easy for Scott to get out of this hellhole. The enchanting web of debt was crawling under his skin and he needed to do something about it. He took help of a Debt Relief company and they walked him out of it.

Now you know how Scott Jones, a man with $100k in debt, stepped out of the ring as a winner!


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