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10 Must-Read Email Newsletters for Business Professionals

10 Must-Read Email Newsletters for Business Professionals
12 Nov


When business is your life, you’ve got to keep up with the changes. That can be challenging, to say the least, given the fast pace of news and the demands of your career. Emailed newsletters can help you stay on top of the biggest and latest business news.

Going through your email is anything but a drag when you’re subscribed to any of the following must-read business newsletters. They will help you quickly catch up on the news you need to know about finance, technology, business, politics, culture and the economy. And, you might have some fun reading them.

The Hustle

The Hustle is a daily newsletter covering the latest news in business, technology and culture. The briefing conveys what you need to know for the day in clear, relatable and often hilarious prose. On weekdays, The Hustle is packed with information about and analysis of three to five business-related topics you can bring up at the watercooler, and it ends with a Spotify link to the song of the day. The weekend edition takes a deep dive into a single news topic or entrepreneurial story.

Morning Brew

Morning Brew is an easy-to-read daily briefing designed to help young professionals begin the day informed about the most important business news. The lighthearted newsletter recaps the previous day’s stock market performance before summarizing a handful of the day’s most important business and financial news. Each email ends with a brain teaser to help prime you for the workday. Each Monday, Morning Brew reminds readers about important events coming up during the week, like U.S. economic reports, national holidays and must-read company earnings. Pay attention — there’s a quiz on the week’s news every Friday.

Wall Street Breakfast by Seeking Alpha

Wall Street Breakfast is a Seeking Alpha’s daily, rapid-fire summary of important business news. The newsletter summarizes what’s happening in the economy and touches on everything from the financial markets to how governments and other factors contribute to the international financial climate. Wall Street Breakfast is a newsletter investment bankers and fund managers would appreciate. It’s a quick and easy read, but if you’re on the go and can’t look at your phone for a solid five minutes or less, the editors include a link to the daily Wall Street Breakfast podcast, so that you can listen instead.

Market Snacks

Market Snacks is a daily briefing that summarizes Wall Street’s biggest news into fun, snackable content you can digest in about four minutes. Market Snacks gives an overview of the previous day’s market performance, then provides a clear and concise analysis of about four business-related topics. The editors are careful to include a link to the day’s 15-minute Market Snacks podcast, too. Each briefing includes a subscriber-submitted fun fact and concludes with a few bulleted reminders of important events and earnings to watch for throughout the week.

The Plug

The Plug tells the stories of undercovered tech entrepreneurs of color and their companies. The daily newsletter provides coverage of founders and innovators of color from all over the globe who you’re not likely to see mentioned elsewhere. According to its editor, the newsletter aims to “set a standard for the expansion and depth of diverse and inclusive entrepreneurship, start-up environments and technological progress.” If you’re tired of hearing about the same few companies over and over, The Plug may be a welcome change of pace.

She Spends

She Spends is a weekly summary of current events related to women and finance, plus business and personal finance tips. Its mission is to increase financial literacy among women and to inspire more women to invest and shoot for company leadership positions. The Friday morning newsletter offers spotlights on impactful women in business, anonymous money diaries contributed by subscribers and tips for making your money work for you. It’s great material for end-of-week conversations at the office or catching up over brunch with friends.

Benedict’s Newsletter

Benedict Evans, a partner of Silicon Valley venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, sends a weekly (mostly) newsletter commenting on the tech news he found interesting during the week. Aside from some industry jargon sprinkled throughout, Benedict’s newsletter is a simple, straightforward and compelling read for those interested in the world’s largest tech companies. Evans follows his analysis with links to a number of interesting reads, tech industry commentary, news about cool new tech stuff and occasionally a statistical piece or two.


Broadsheet is a daily newsletter from Fortune about “the world’s most powerful women.” The curated newsletter shares its analysis of notable stories about women in business, government and technology from all over the world. The articles it shares address topics like the glass ceiling, the #MeToo movement, government policies, deals and acquisitions of women-led companies and business news involving women in company leadership, among others.

Lean Luxe

If you’re curious about upstart luxury brands like Cuyana, Ledbury and MM. LaFleur, Lean Luxe might be the newsletter for you. The newsletter aims to give readers an insight into the affairs of key players in the luxury sector and how the brands are affecting consumer behavior around the globe. Each Lean Luxe briefing — delivered two to three times a week — kicks off with a brief analysis of need-to-know industry news. It then dives into a shorter analysis of about four to five curated articles, then ends each issue with a link to the Lean Luxe Office Radio playlist, curated by a different luxury brand founder each week.


Femstreet delivers a weekly roundup of news concerning women in technology, entrepreneurship and venture capital. The Monday morning newsletter emphasizes on diversity in business and touches on topics like news and insight about women-led start-ups, engineering, technology research and others. Its curators give brief commentary on each piece and provide a link for you to explore further. Femstreet’s Built by Women interview series on its blog shares successes, secrets and stories of failure from women founders and their businesses.

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