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Honeymoon Destinations On A Budget: Good Things Can Come Cheap

Honeymoon Destinations On A Budget: Good Things Can Come Cheap
23 Oct

With daunting expense of a wedding lurking over your head, it might be hard envision paying for a honeymoon, as well. However, even those on a tight spending plan can escape an enticing destination abroad after gathering wraps — particularly with EBC watching over your back.

To complete this list of romantic honeymoon destinations on a budget, we considered spots, where you can meander in the roads not taken (often) (the Peloponnese area in Greece, as opposed to Santorini; Sicily rather than packed Florence), and in addition to dream excursions to probably the most sought-after spots on Earth (among them, Morocco and Vietnam).

Sorted out on a sliding scale to oblige spending plans all things considered, we’ve calculated in everything from the cost of exercises on the ground to the normal expense of lodging and what you can hope to see on a bill after supper for two.


Middle Eastern exoticism, fragrant flavors – and exquisite low costs. Morocco’s difficult to beat for the deal vibe. Marrakesh, Fez and Essaouira offer time-twist medinas crammed with character and modest bistros. Shun your ability to read a compass to get lost in the labyrinth-like souqs – the shopping avenues are abundant, including floor coverings to babouches to be gobbled up. Changed over riads (customary yard houses) offer convenience with gobs of environment; some are expensive however many are incredibly affordable, allowing to experience royalty on a miserly budget.


You could get by for under US$15 every day in Vietnam and still eat like a lord – it’s street-food paradise. Make a point to test the city’s native dishes: meat pho, bun cha (grilled pork with rice noodles) and chow a banh mì (loaf) as you meander. A mid-day trip won’t make a hole in your pocket either so you can experience guesthouses, a superior Halong Bay journey and critical encounters (a cookery class, a cycle around Hoi A) with enough money left for a ranch house on delightful Phu Quoc Island.


Portugal is liberating. The little tensions like – that cafe excessively opulent for us? Would we be able to manage the cost of another espresso? – don’t exist here. Indeed, even in fancier foundations, coffees typically cost under US$1, brews close to US$2. You end up requesting a second pastel de nata (divine Portuguese custard tart) – well, why not? There are adorable casas and changed over farmhouses manifesting appeal for under US$110 every night.


Figures are obnoxious, costs are low in Indonesia. Rooms may begin from a startling- 350,000 rupiah – yet that is just under US$27. It’s anything but difficult to be a tycoon here, so even people with small pocket sizes can have a lot of fun. Self-evident decision Bali has extraordinary shorelines, boutique stays, neo-classical opulence in Ubud, splitting surf. In any case, Indonesia has 17,000 isles! Think about Lombok and the Gili Islands, culture and volcanoes on Java and wilderness undertakings on Sumatra.

Puerto Rico

The Hispanic islands tend to offer the best value in euphoric yet expensive Caribbean. Puerto Rico has moderate hotels and resorts, in addition to super sand and more history than most – capital San Juan is one of the Americas’ most established urban communities. For an additional honeymoon frolic, kayak around evening time with shining tiny fish in Bioluminescent Bay. For budgetary travel, go in May: costs are up to 40% less expensive May to early December on account of sea tempest season (June-November), however, in May it hasn’t started yet.

Sicily, Italy

In the event that you’ve been longing for an Italian vacation since adolescence, there are a bunch of motivations to pick Sicily over more customary decisions like Florence or Venice. It’s simpler to get away from the groups here, particularly if you rent a ravishing Peugeot or Fiat (for $30 every day) and follow a course along the turquoise drift, pulling off at your will to appreciate the vestiges of the island’s old sanctuaries and mosaics. Take a bypass to test Nero D’Avola wines, or search out phenomenal perspectives from Mount Etna (available by link auto for $38). Make sure to spend somewhere around two days wandering in the primary city, Palermo, which was assigned Italy’s Cultural Capital in 2018 for its social significance.

Peloponnese, Greece

Santorini and Mykonos may get all the limelight, however, they’re not by any means the only places in Greece fit for a perfect honeymoon. The Peloponnese landmass is magnificently free of visitors, who run rather to the nation’s better-known islands, ignorant that a tranquil, swarm free heaven sits only a one-hour drive from Athens. Other than the must-have sugary white shorelines and dynamic nightfalls Greece is acclaimed for, voyagers can likewise take romantic outings to the site of the first Olympic games, visit old Greek theaters and wind through the sustained stronghold town of Mystras. For an all the more brave day trip, investigate the profundities of the Diros give in ( generally $16 per individual).

Travel Cards Can Save The Day

Expenses can add up quickly when you’re planning a honeymoon. Be that as it may, utilizing the correct credit cards for wedding and honeymoon buys can go far to enable you to progress in the direction of future travel amid this costly time. Here’s a rundown of tips for expanding your points, miles and credit cards for your honeymoon

While paying for your honeymoon, utilizing credit cards that offer travel rewards, for example, extra points on lodgings is the most ideal approach. In case you’re experiencing difficulty narrowing down your destination begin by checking out the points and miles you as of now have and look into award system to see where they can get you.

On the off chance that you don’t have an extensive stash of points, it’s alright. In case you’re truly getting out of the way or don’t have any hotel points, utilizing the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card to book and pay through it will get you 10x miles on inn stays — equivalent to a 10% return.

Some Important Tips

Begin applying. In the event that you don’t as of now have cards that can win you extra points or advantages on your expenses, apply and begin spending so you can exploit points or free evenings collected from welcome rewards.

Make a point to pay your cards off. In the event that you can’t do it immediately, utilize a card that has 0% introduction APR, for instance, Discover It Miles and satisfies your buys before this early on period is finished. Any obligation you wind up with will invalidate your rewards, so it’s best to maintain a strategic distance from that.

Final Thoughts

In the same way as other parts of arranging their lives together, individuals have a tendency to truly go over the edge with regards to paying for a special night. However, the general purpose of a honeymoon is to give a recently wedded couple some time together to appreciate the simple start of their wedded life.

With the end goal to do this, you don’t need to spend a great deal of cash. Without a doubt, anybody would love a rich outing the world over, yet what’s essential is that you invest the energy with the individual you adore most. In the event that that is your principal objective (and it ought to be), at that point, you unquestionably can go to some stunning spots, have a paramount time, and not use up every last cent all the while.

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