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01 Mar

The 10 Best Free Checking Accounts March 2022

Updated on Tuesday, February 8, 2022 Checking accounts are a safe and convenient place to store your money for everyday financial transactions, allowing you to withdraw funds to make purchases or to get cash from ATMs whenever you’d like. Many checking accounts have different types of fees, but some financial […]

25 Feb

Apple’s new way to pay merchants | AmEx debit card that earns rewards

Will Let Shoppers Pay Merchants by Holding Phones Together Apple said it plans to introduce a contactless payment option later this year that will let businesses use iPhones to process transactions in stores without any additional hardware, competing with services like Square. The new “Tap to Pay” feature will allow […]

24 Feb

Best Online Banks in 2022

Updated on Wednesday, February 23, 2022  Online banks offer low fees, exceptional interest rates, and 24/7 mobile access. Whether you’re looking to take your banking suite completely virtual, or just want your savings to earn the best online rate, we’ve got you covered with these top picks. We chose them […]

13 Jan

Top Checking Accounts for College Grads in 2022

Updated on Thursday, January 13, 2022 When you graduate college, you’ll also graduate from your student checking account. Your bank will likely transition your student account to a standard account, but you don’t have to stay there. It’s worth comparing the best banks for college graduates to find the one […]

Top Checking Accounts With No Overdraft Fees in 2022
13 Jan

Top Checking Accounts With No Overdraft Fees in 2022

Watching your checking account balance dwindle to $0 isn’t a great feeling—and getting slapped with a fee because you’ve overdrawn your account is even worse. While you might think an overdraft fee is just par for the course when it comes to checking, there are plenty of accounts that don’t […]

Health Savings Accounts
10 Jan

The Best Health Savings Accounts in 2022

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So, you need to choose a health savings plan (HSA) to go along with your new health insurance plan. The best savings accounts help you save money with high interest rates and low fees and your HSA should be no different. With a high-yielding HSA, you can cover your out-of-pocket […]

17 Dec

This Week in Credit Card News – Card Rewards are Evolving but Are They Unfair To People With Lower Incomes?

Will Congress Take Away Your Credit Card? How would you feel about Congress snatching away your credit card or preventing you from participating in credit card reward programs? Don’t laugh. Left-wing groups in Washington are declaring that the plastic card in your wallet is the financial villain that needs to […]

Business Money Market
14 Dec

The Best Business Money Market Accounts in 2022

You’ve poured your heart and soul into the small business you founded, but when it comes to financing day-to-day operations, you’ll need to strictly separate your personal wealth from your business funds. A business money market account can help provide a safe place for your company’s cash, allowing it to […]

Bank Of America Cash Rewards Cards
11 Dec

BofA Wades Enter High Net Worth War with New Rewards & Card Offers

Subscribe to The Financial Brand via email for FREE! Bank of America has raised the ante in the upper end of the consumer market by enhancing its rewards and loyalty program and rolling out a luxury metal card. Both are an effort to gain a greater foothold in the competitive […]