Saturday, 23 September 2023

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01 Sep

The Best 6-Month CD Rates in September 2021

Updated on Wednesday, September 1, 2021 Short-term certificate of deposit (CD) accounts offer investors a safe opportunity to squirrel away money for a future expense. If you’re looking for a brief solution for storing your cash and want to earn more interest than a typical savings account will offer, a […]

19 May

The Best Online Banks in 2021

Updated on Wednesday, May 19, 2021 The future of banking is online — and you don’t want to miss it. Online banking has become almost synonymous with low fees and earning top-notch interest rates, in addition to convenient account access. Whether you’re looking to take your entire banking suite completely […]

03 Nov

The Ultimate Guide to Handling Your Emergency Fund

Carissa Chesanek iStock Unexpected expenses have a way of popping up at the worst possible times. A good way to be prepared is having an emergency fund. An emergency fund is money put aside to use when something comes up and you need money right away. One example of an […]

19 Oct

Petal Credit Card Review

Alexandria White Most credit cards require you to have a credit score in order to qualify or have you make a security deposit to access credit. That can make it difficult to access credit for beginners or folks looking to improve a poor credit score. Fortunately, there’s a growing list […]

21 Sep

How Fed Rate Hikes Change Borrowing and Savings Rates

Nick Clements Since late 2015, the Federal Reserve has raised the upper limit of its target federal funds rate by 1.75 percentage points, from 0.25% in December 2015, to 2.00%. The Fed is expected to raise rates another 25 basis points on Sept. 26. MagnifyMoney analyzed Federal Reserve rate data […]

23 Aug

Self Lender Review

Alexandria White Beginning your credit journey isn’t always simple. To open credit products, you often need an already established credit history — making it hard for credit newbies to obtain credit. But, there are companies like Self Lender that are dedicated to helping people who may struggle to otherwise get […]