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Adding your credit card to Auto Order items from Amazon

Adding your credit card to Auto Order items from Amazon
10 Aug

Personal Amzon Prime Account and Credit Card Integration In this video, add a credit card I will explain how to make an automatic order through Salefreaks This option is available on all regular prime accounts Using your credit card You can purchase items automatically

There are several conditions for this Only one card can be set for Amazon account Only one credit card can be integrated with Salefreaks If you set up multiple cards on Amazon Credit card integration will not be done, so please be careful Let's proceed with adding credit card

Click the My Accounts tab Click the image of Amazon Prime This starts the remote desktop with a new tab Please be assured that this is a safe means of access You can log in to your Amazon account through our system First of all, please check the number of registered credit cards

Go to Your Account Select Payment options Please confirm that there is only one payment method You can proceed with the remaining steps Confirm card consolidation Place the SF widget in the upper left Click the bank icon Please fill in the details as described in your account

Details entered when adding credit card to amazon Please use only matched, confirmed details These details are based on automatic order system It is necessary to complete your order and settlement on Amazon Just click OK when done and will be saved on the system From now on the system will use your credit card Start the order Thank you for your viewing

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Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card

Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card

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