Friday, 2 June 2023

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Technology at its Best: 10 Ways to Save Money on Online Shopping
08 Dec

Technology is a Best Ways to Save Money on Online Shopping

One sure thing that I’ve learned in this technologically advanced time is NOT paying Full Price on the products that I want to buy. And thankfully there are various apps and most importantly, extremely easy-to-use Browser Extensions that do all the work for you. Be it finding the best deal […]

26 Nov

Living a Stress-free Senior Life: Save money with the below tips

Just because you are in retirement or are about to go into retirement does not mean you cannot enjoy life. In fact, this is the best time to enjoy life- at least that is what I think. There are no work deadlines to beat. You are not in a rush […]

01 Nov

Go the “Young Sheldon” Way and Pay for Living Expenses while in College

When it comes to all the expenses that a student requires to incur, a major factor that you need to keep in mind is there are 2 different aspects added in this process. The first one is paying for the expenses and the second one is trying to reduce the […]

26 Oct

9 Ways to Bring your Dream House to Reality

It’s a dream that all the couples have and indeed I along with my husband have been planning for the same for a long. Well, family planning and planning to buy a house are two major areas that require a lot of attention and proper decision-making. It was the time […]

02 Oct

How to Save Money as a Teenager: Heroes Start Early

Teen years are perhaps the most important years of life. Teen years decide who you will go on to become as a person. It’s that time when your inner makeup is taking shape. Amid those years, you develop a psyche that remains more or less the same for the most […]

18 Sep

31 Money Saving Ideas You Can Use Now

A new year is a great time to start reviewing your financial practices and money management from the past year. Not only is it helpful to know where you’ve overspent, but reviewing your finances also helps when it comes time to make a budget going forward. There are big moves you […]