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Amazon Prime Day: The Merging of Online and Offline Ecosystems

Amazon Prime Day: The Merging of Online and Offline Ecosystems
01 Aug

Hi everyone, this is Elley Symmes reporting from Boston with Kantar Consulting’s final Prime Day update As we predicted last year, Prime Day 2018 has landed in stores

Perhaps the biggest physical manifestation of this formerly online-dominated event is at Whole Foods, where exclusive savings for Prime members launched nationwide on June 27th, just in time for Prime Day Blue signage throughout the store is focused on driving awareness of this new Prime benefit, which gives Prime members 10 percent off of sale items and deep discounts on select popular products In doing so, Whole Foods now serves as a billboard for Prime recruitment For Prime Day in particular, Amazon took an Amazon Books promotion from last year and adapted it to Whole Foods This time around, shoppers who spent ten dollars at Whole Foods received a 10 dollar credit to be used on Amazon for Prime Day

This omnichannel tactic is being leveraged to drive Whole Foods shoppers to Amazoncom, illustrating Amazon’s ability to bring its online and offline ecosystem together Interestingly, one Whole Foods end cap featured a buy one get one free promotion for Honey Nut Cheerios A similar deal was also available on Amazon’s online grocery platforms like Prime Pantry, where shoppers that spent 40 dollars received a free box Amazon is also celebrating Prime Day at its other physical formats, including Amazon Books, Treasure Truck, and Amazon Pop-up locations

In books stores, Amazon seems to be capitalizing on the Toys R Us’s recent demise with a notable emphasis on toys Amazon is also using the space to showcase its own devices and the Prime Day exclusive launches that it is featuring on its website However, Prime Day’s presence here was underwhelming compared to Whole Foods That being said, here are the key themes that we’re seeing at Amazon’s brick-and-mortar locations: • Using the store to drive omnichannel shopping • Leveraging Prime Day to drive traffic to Whole Foods and Amazoncom • Connecting elements across the ecosystem Thanks for tuning into Kantar Consulting’s Prime Day updates! For additional insight on Prime Day 2018, check back on KantarConsulting

com for our full analysis of the event See you next year!

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