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Best Travel Credit Cards with No Annual Fee in 2018

Best Travel Credit Cards with No Annual Fee in 2018
31 Jul

Hey I'm Adam Jusko from ProudMoneycom and in this video I'm looking at the best travel credit cards that have no annual fee

Before I do that I would ask you to please subscribe to our YouTube channel if you have not already and if you have already I thank you for doing so So we are gonna look at travel cards that have no annual fee Now if you were thinking about getting a travel card that has no annual fee, usually I think that the reason you might be doing this is because you're not exactly sure how much you're going to spend on your card and so you don't want to pay an annual fee and then find out that you didn't earn enough in rewards or whatever and you're out that money anyway So, that said, I would tell you that often times I dissuade people from getting travel credit cards that have no annual fee, and the reason for that is oftentimes you aren't spending that much money on your credit card so it's going to take you a long time to earn rewards oftentimes with these no annual fee cards And if you are someone that does put a lot on your credit cards, in that case you might earn them faster but in that case it might actually make sense for you to be paying an annual fee because the perks on the travel cards really go up when you pay an annual fee, and some of these annual fees are even a little nominal so they're not like a huge annual fee to kind of go up in perks

So that is something that you should kind of understand as we go forward here Now as I talk about these best cards I am going to talk about some specific cards and you will see that some cards are sort of left out — maybe cards that you have heard of in the past and you're wondering why I'm leaving them out These are cards like the Capital One VentureOne card, the Discover it Miles Card, the Bank of America Travel Rewards card Now these are cards that say they give you "miles" for every purchase and then you can use these miles toward any of your travel purchases, but in reality these aren't miles cards in terms of you earning miles on an airline In fact, as far as I'm concerned, calling the miles cards is sort of like false advertising because what they really are, are points, just like you would earn points or cash back on another card

You are earning points for every dollar you spend and you can put them toward travel rewards While that's not a bad thing, you can actually find cash back cards that give you a better reward than these cards that call themselves travel cards that aren't really offering a ton of extra travel benefits So in that case you'd be better off finding something like the Citi Double Cash or the PayPal Cashback MasterCard that are giving you two percent on all your purchases, because these other cards aren't giving you that much and you have to use them toward travel, although sometimes you can convert them in to cash back but it's still not as good a rate as the top cards on the market That said, I will say the the Discover it Miles Card for the first year doubles your points so you could end up with essentially 3% cash back on that, but that's sort of a digression here But anyway, those are not what I think of as really being travel cards

they're almost like cash back cards under another name So, finally, as we talked about the idea of no annual fee cards, I would tell you that if you are someone that doesn't put a ton of money onto your credit cards, what you end up doing when you get certain travel cards is you sort of commit to maybe an airline or a hotel or whatever it is and you may find out later on that you've got these points and you go to use them but you find out , "You know what? I could have gotten a better deal if I'd used this other airline or if I decided to stay at this hotel or whatever" So it sort of changed your behavior sometimes

So if you're someone that's getting a ton of miles or whatever, it kind of doesn't matter, but when you've kind of made this commitment to try and earn these rewards and that sort of thing on a no annual fee card and you're not getting a ton of them, sometimes it can feel like "Oh, I earned all these rewards and I didn't really get that great of a return on them because I could have done just as well if I hadn't had the rewards" So, with all those caveats said, I will talk about, I don't know, 5, 6, 7 cards here that you could consider One of the places where I believe that you can find some value in a no annual fee travel credit card is in the hotel space And this is especially true if you are someone that does not need to be in the lap of luxury when you travel There are a couple credit cards that go with some of the hotels that are maybe not the upper-crust hotels but they are pretty good values in terms of how they work

The number one card there I would say is the Wyndham Visa And part of the reason I like this one is the Wyndham travel program gives you a free night at any of their hotels for every 15,000 points that you earn So this is Wyndham and then it is things like Travelodge and Super 8 and Ramada and things like that So some of these are more desirable than others, but you can get to a free night much quicker with this card than you can with a lot of other ones So if you're not paying an annual fee and you actually want to get something for your money without having to wait and wait for it, this is the kind of card you can do it with

This card also gives you a 15,000 point bonus after you use it for the first time — so you're getting a free night right off the bat In terms of points, you're getting three points per dollar on the actual hotel stays, two points on gas, utilities and groceries, and you'll get one point per dollar everywhere else In a similar vein, there's also the Choice Privileges Visa, another, you know, hotel conglomerate that has many different brands — Comfort Inn, Quality Inn, Clarion, EconoLodge — again, not the upper crust hotels that you may think of when you're thinking of getting glamorous travel rewards but you can get to your you can get to an actual reward much quicker And this is a card that offers — I'm not gonna go into all the specifics — but it offers you a healthy amount of points, nice bonuses, and again you can get to your rewards much quicker than you can with a lot of other cards that you might not pay an annual fee on Now if you do want something maybe a little nicer in terms of the hotels that you're looking at, the Hilton Honors card from American Express There are multiple cards, but one of them is a no annual fee card Again, I'm not gonna go into all the specifics, because one of the things that Hilton tends to do is they really pile on the points so you feel like you're earning a ton of points through Hilton on your purchases that you make and bonuses that you get, but their points aren't worth nearly as much as the points in many other programs, so you really need to make sure

it's gonna cost you a lot more points in order to actually convert these points into a real reward — I knew I could say it if I kept trying So that is something to consider But there are also, you know, obviously a lot of Hilton hotels, and if you're somebody that kind of wants that Hilton name and those other cards don't get you too excited, that's a place where maybe you get a little better hotel and maybe there's more options depending on where you may vacation or travel or whatever

So those are the hotel cards In terms of airlines, there's really only two cards I would say that really kind of fit the bill One of them is the JetBlue MasterCard which is fairly generous for a no annual fee travel card You're gonna get three JetBlue points per dollar on JetBlue purchases, you're gonna get two points on restaurants and grocery purchases, and you're gonna get one point per dollar on everything else with that card You'll also get a 10,000 point or mile bonus if you spend a thousand bucks in the first three months of having it

So that's not too bad for a no annual fee card if you have JetBlue in your area that you can use with any regularity The second one is the Blue Delta SkyMiles card This card is ok for a no annual fee card The downside to it is, again, if you don't spend a ton on your card, what are you using those Delta SkyMiles for? How long is it going to take you to actually get to a reward? But, that said, it does give you two miles or two miles per dollar on your Delta purchases, also two miles on restaurant purchases, and you'll get one mile per dollar on everything else You can also get a 10,000-point bonus if you spend five hundred bucks in the first three months, so that's kind of a nice thing there

Again, there are other SkyMiles cards that if you spend a lot you might want to go up to a card with an annual fee that is really going to give you better perks But that's not a bad start if you're someone that doesn't want to pay that annual fee One card I would dissuade you from on the airline front that has no annual fee is the United TravelBank card This is a card that is not at all attached to the MileagePlus program from United, so it's really important to know that Essentially you're gonna earn points

and it's not a terrible point value in terms of, you get 15 points, but it works essentially just like those cards I talked about earlier, where the points are really just pennies, they're not miles that you can use toward a reward Every point equals a penny — 10,000 points is going to equal a hundred dollars in travel rewards

But with this one you can only use it on United, so why would you get this one when you could get a more general travel card that has essentially the same benefits but you can use it more widely? So we're not a fan of that card In terms of other options out there, there are some other cards that we don't think are great but I will talk about them anyway real quick Expedia and Orbitz both have rewards cards that you could choose that don't have an annual fee that are going to give you some rewards if you book through them In both cases I believe you can sort of piggyback those rewards with airline mile rewards — so you may book through them but you'll get your miles with your airline if you're part of their program and you can get rewards from Expedia or Orbitz Again, unless you're somebody that really travels a lot, I don't know how much value there's gonna be in those, but those are no annual fee cards that don't necessarily have any downside in any way

So the other piece I would talk about is, many people like to take cruises Most major cruise lines have credit cards that have no annual fee They're not super generous but if you're someone that really likes to cruise they will make sense for you Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Princess Cruises, and many others have rewards credit cards that you could choose as well So that is it

There's a lot to choose think about there a lot to choose from there I guess And, like I said, I don't necessarily think that this is the best way to go for everyone but if you're someone that is really set on getting a travel card and you don't want to pay an annual fee, those are some options for you So, thanks for watching Please go to ProudMoney

com where we do other credit card reviews and personal finance news and all sorts of other fun stuff Thanks for watching Bye

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