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Build Business Credit 2018 Without a Personal Guarantee

Build Business Credit 2018  Without a Personal Guarantee
01 Sep

Welcome to the business credit builders We guarantee your business a minimum of $50,000 in business credit without a personal guarantee As an optional you're gonna run across a lot of roadblocks, you're gonna get actually way more doors slammed in your face And you are gonna have doors open this question is always well, how do you keep going? How do you know if you should go well first of all I think that you have to understand the doors that are being slammed? In your face, are you going after the right targets number one? I got turned down by 27 banks and I have to be very honest I didn't have financial intelligence, and I did not fill out the loan application the proper way

I could only blame myself I had to go up and get financial intelligence So there's a couple of reasons you may get turned down by Banks you don't know the business you didn't realize that you need to have some form proof of concept or Interested parties such as you know a retailer or somebody interesting you didn't have financial intelligence in some form of a way You couldn't relate exactly where you want to go You didn't have any collateral or you asking for too much you asking for one? jillion Dollars when all you needed was ten thousand so you first of all have to question yourself whether you're starting a flower shop or Opening a coffee shop childcare businesses janitorial businesses restaurants and beauty salons and trucking services and graphic artists and freelance Tax services and food trucks and people who Come from a different culture and know how to make that food really well people have dreams and maybe They haven't been to stanford business school, but they still have dreams about being Able to do something providing a service doing something that they really love well I should have done this a long time ago Build Business Credit

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