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Cheap Car Auctions Bad Credit No Problem

Cheap Car Auctions Bad Credit No Problem
31 Jul

Greetings folks … [email protected] … this video is for the Las Vegas consumer, looking for preowend vehicles that banks NO LONGER finance… vehicles older than 7 model years with over 90,000 miles … I’ll get YOU financed, AND find YOU THE best possible vehicle at THE BEST possible price… 0-10% down oac, and I love less than perfect credit! Hey… why settle for a vehicle out of the online classifieds, when I give YOU get WEEKLY access to 12,000 fresh wholesale trade-ins to give YOU a way bigger selection, better quality, superior value, AND saving of up to thousands below KBB retail on your next vehicle purchase… let me show you a few vehicles I picked up from Dealer Only Auctions to give you an idea … Here’s one … this is your 2007 Lincoln Navigator L this is with the Long Wheel Base… maximum passenger room and cargo space for that upcoming family vacation … This is rare, has the Elite and Ultimate Package packed into one vehicle for maximum comfort and convenience… in deep pearl white with 4WD for you’re your outdoor adventures…

look at those new 20” chrome wheels glisten in the sun, wrapped in new Cooper tires btw … you’ve got fold out running boards navigation heated and ventilated seat comfort

rear entertainment system with remote and earphones for your passengers makes for easy travel… power liftgate… power fold down 3rd row seats, again for maximum cargo room and convenience… look at the piping along the outer edge of those premium perforated leather seats … mhh mhh mhh hey, just close your eyes and imagine yourself floating around the strip on arguably the smoothest suspension in the business… commercial banks won’t finance you, I can… 0-10% down oac, I love less than perfect credit! if you’re a Las Vegas LOCAL, AND we’re working with a limited budget… once again, you now have access to THOUSANDS of fresh dealer trade-ins, in much better condition, that give you way better value than what you’re going to find in the online classifieds … so don’t waste your time and gas elsewhere … Got this one from the dealer only auction … Check out your 2005 Porsche Cayenne S serious German performance V8 with the 340 raw horse power … legit sportscar handling and performance with practicality for your family of 5 … brand new Nexen tires on this one, check out the reviews, online for this vehicle, extremely reliable…commercial banks won’t finance you on this, I can… 0-10% down oac, I love less than perfect credit! Email me with your requirements, and YOU will get free auction condition reports shared on YOUR home computer, at your convenience… with free vehicle history reports, BEFORE we even put your vehicle on your shopping list… [email protected]

com 2009 Honda Accord Coupe EX with Navigation … gives you over 30MPG … look at your cushy sport bucket seats, your sunroof, alloy wheels, handles like a dream around your twisty mountain roads 5 speed manual gearbox gives you even better fuel economy … you got that perfect, beautiful metallic silver paint job … ANY vehicle you purchase from me, regardless of age and mileage, will give you exceptional paint quality, interior cleanliness, and good tires … that’s worth at least $2000 to you, before we even discuss your mechanical reliability… commercial banks won’t finance you, I can… 0-10% down oac, I love less than perfect credit! look my friend, banks aren’t lending like they used to… your bank will turn its nose up and refuse to finance you on older than 7 model years with over 90,000 miles, that prices you out of the market for perfect, affordable everyday vehicles… they say NO NO NO, and want to force you into paying more… but I CAN get you financed with 0-10% down for less! … 2008 Range Rover Sport Supercharged … look at your interior here … you have brand new Nitto tires all the way around… smooth, powerful, premium ride and interior quality … no accidents, no rust, California truck … reliable 42L Jaguar V8 … 390 white knuckle gripping HP… now you’re rollin’ like a rockstar … commercial banks won’t finance you, I can… 0-10% down oac, I love less than perfect credit! [email protected] … $100,000 dealer bond with the Nevada DMV

A+ rating with the BBB not one valid complaint on file, EVER… to insure your complete satisfaction… but hey, don’t take my word for it, just check with the DMV and BBB… 2008 Audi S4 Quattro this is your sure footed AWD with the factory DTM package to really set you apart from the crowd … loaded with carbon throughout, plush Recaro seats front and back absolutely loaded you enjoy factory Navigation, premium sound… 4

2L Audi A8 engine… Just serviced … commercial banks won’t finance you, I can… 0-10% down oac, I love less than perfect credit! Let me tell YOU what YOUR vehicle will cost YOU, so YOU can decide whether to call me or not … first of all, your vehicle will be CLEAN, inside and out, and I will troubleshoot it at the auction, within auction limits … I will pay no more than AVERAGE to HIGH KBB TRADE-IN on common German and British imports, excluding M cars, AMG and diesel, those will be between HIGH KBB TRADE IN and KBB PRIVATE PARTY … I will then add a modest mark-up, not charging you any doc fees, and add 825% sales tax if you’re a Nevada resident… bottom line, I’m saving YOU thousands vs KBB RETAIL before taxes and fees, plus I’m getting your vehicle financed when nobody else will… 2011 Cadillac CTS Coupe 36 … now you have heated and ventilated seats las vegas … as cutting edge as it gets when it comes to styling, 304 roaring horsepower, exhilarating handling… your life will never be the same … you have brand new ZR rated Kumhos coming in for this one … looks and drives like a million bucks … commercial banks won’t finance you, I can… 0-10% down oac [email protected]

com I will pay no more than AVERAGE to HIGH KBB TRADE-IN on common domestics, excluding 4 door trucks and diesels, those sell for HIGH KBB TRADE IN and KBB PRIVATE PARTY, before auction fees … Look, don’t waste your time and gas in 110 degree weather getting bait and switched, running all over town only to get disappointed… Better yet, go ahead and try it your way, and when you get disappointed, email [email protected] … link in the description… 2009 Honda Odyssey … YOU get brand new headlights, new engine mounts, new suspension parts, matching Michelin tires … look at your freakishly clean interior, normally these are torn up and smell like a homeless shelter… commercial banks won’t finance you, I can… 0-10% down oac, I love less than perfect credit … I will pay no more than HIGH KBB TRADE-IN to PRIVATE PARTY and maybe a little more for JAPANESE IMPORTS before auction fees … Incidentally, no matter where you are in the USA, if you have the title to your Japanese Import, and you want to sell it, I will sell it for you in 1-5 business days, guaranteed … [email protected] … Look folks, I just told you what I will pay for YOUR vehicle AND ballparked what YOU will pay for any vehicle that you want… if you’re ready to level with me on your less than perfect credit, and you’re ready to buy, today, without having to discuss it, mull it over, think about it, sleep on it, look at a couple of more vehicles and all of the other endless list of excuses, text [email protected] and watch me SAVE YOU MONEY instead of paying you lip service …

Thanks for the opportunity to be your car guy from here on out … Don’t forget to Like Share, Subscribe and comment down below … ring the bell for auto notification of future Youtube and Facebook videos! [email protected] … shoot me that email RIGHT NOW!

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