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Credit Cards Vs. Debit Cards

Credit Cards Vs. Debit Cards
08 Aug

hello I'm Jason with the honest finance Channel and today I'm gonna talk about something really simple the difference between credit cards and debit cards let's start with debit cards very simple to understand debit cards run through your bank account okay so that means if you've got a thousand dollars in your checking account then your debit card can only run on a thousand dollars you ever heard of overdraft protection that's a feature on debit cards that allow you to spend more than what's actually in your checking account let's say that you've got a $500 overdraft protection feature on your debit card and you've only got $1,000 in your checking account that means that you can spend $1,500 on your debit card before you have any fees from your bank you end up with fees when you go below the amount in your bank account it's called an overdraft fee and that's how debit cards work they just run through the amount of money in your checking account credit cards on the other hand are issued by credit card companies based on your credit score the credit card company will issue a certain amount of money that you can spend on your credit card if you don't have much credit you're probably gonna start out with a card that has about a $500 limit now that's money that you're borrowing from the credit card company if you pay back your statement balance on time you won't have to pay any interest charges but if you run a balance on your credit card you will have to pay interest and the interest rates on credit cards are generally between about 15 and 25% interests so just remember a debit card runs through your checking account through your bank and a credit card is money that you're borrowing through a credit card company I'm Jason with the honest finance channel feel free to subscribe that's all

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