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How To: Add Travel Notices on Your Debit or Credit Cards

How To: Add Travel Notices on Your Debit or Credit Cards
31 Jul

Applying a travel notice to your Members 1st debit or credit card is quick and easy To get started log into online or mobile banking

Click Services, then click Card Services Click Travel Notices Select the card that you plan to have with you on your trip Then click Next Step > Dates and Destinations Select the dates of your trip and enter the location you will be traveling to

If you will be traveling to multiple locations on this trip click Add Another Destination Once all of your trip information has been entered click Next Step > Contact Numbers Trips like these are a great time to make sure your contact information with us is up-to-date Verify that the number shown is the best number to reach you at If a different number should be used during this trip add it in the space provided

Click Next Step > Trip Review when you are finished Make sure the cards, dates and destinations are correct You should have a travel notice on your card even if you plan to only use it in an emergency situation If all of the information is correct click Send This Notice If you need to cancel any of your travel notices you must contact our Card Services Team by phone or email

Happy Traveling!

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