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How to benefit from your credit card | ASB

How to benefit from your credit card | ASB
01 Aug

There are plenty of good reasons for using a credit card They’re convenient, secure, and let you earn rewards

Here are some tips for when using a credit card can provide you with benefits: Credit cards are great when you want the ease and convenience of using contactless technology, like Visa payWave, to make purchases without your card leaving your hand They also allow you to shop online or over the phone Because credit cards are accepted at millions of places worldwide, they allow you to pay for hotels, restaurants and shopping overseas with flexibility and with greater security than carrying local currency When booking travel, your credit card may also include travel insurance, which can cover things like lost baggage or car rental issues And back home in New Zealand many credit card accounts also provide you with the option to earn rewards every time you use your card, like ASB’s True Rewards programme

…Plus they offer you special privileges, like exclusive offers and concert pre-sales with Visa Entertainment And you can set up direct debits from your credit card for ongoing bills like electricity, to take advantage of interest-free days, avoid possible late payment fees, and earn rewards if your card is enrolled Now that you’ve seen how it can be beneficial to use a credit card, consider using yours for: The convenience of contactless payments, and paying by phone or online

Security when making payments overseas The ability to earn rewards and privileges And automatically paying your on-going bills For other ideas, check out more ASB money tips Or compare ASB’s credit card options now

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Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card

Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card

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