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How To Order On Amazon (2018) – Going Through Checkout On Amazon

How To Order On Amazon (2018) – Going Through Checkout On Amazon
01 Aug

if you want to buy something on Amazon but you find the whole checkout process confusing or maybe you just want someone to explain what everything in the checkout means then in this video I'm going to show you step-by-step exactly how to go through the checkout on Amazon and place your order Let's unbox that! Hello friends, Rasheed here from proceed to checkout when we do tips and tutorials for Amazon customers just like you, so if you'd like to see more videos like that then please hit that subscribe button also check out the description and notes below where I'll put links to any pages and other things mentioned in this video, and by the way this video is an excerpt from a longer video where I take you through the full process of buying something on Amazon, from signing in, searching for products, all the way through to the checkout

So if you'd like to see that video instead then click the link on screen and in the description below and just so you know I'm shopping on amazoncom today but most of what I'll show you will also work on other Amazon websites like amazoncouk, amazonin and so on

There'll just be minor differences like other accepted payment methods in India for example but other than that everything is the same Okay let's go through the checkout After clicking proceed to checkout you may need to sign in again but after that you'll get to the first page of the checkout So the checkout is made of these different steps where you basically tell Amazon where to deliver the order, your payment details, what shipping speed to use and so on so if you haven't added that information before then the first time you place an order it will take a bit longer because you'll have to add all that information but after that your information will be saved so for subsequent orders all you have to do is select which address, credit card and so on to use you, don't have to add them again So this is a new account and I haven't added any information before and on the first page "select a shipping address" there isn't any address already saved so I'll add a new one here the full name is not necessarily your name it's actually for the recipient the person the order is being delivered to for example if you're buying a gift for someone then fill out the address, city, state, zip, select the country, the phone number should also ideally be for the recipient in case the carrier needs to call to make delivery arrangements for example and if you can't receive delivery on weekends then click over here and uncheck the relevant days if the shipping address is in a secure complex for example and the carrier will need a security access code then you can add that code here If the shipping address you've just entered is the same as the billing address in other words the address where your bank sends your card statements to then select yes but if it isn't and this is really important select no because that will allow you to add the correct billing address for the credit card you intend on using I've seen some people miss this step which means Amazon forwards the wrong billing address to the bank and then that can cause issues with the order being accepted so don't forget to select no

If you have more than one item in your order and you want them sent to different people then select "add another address" and that will allow you to add another shipping address Once you've added everything click on continue that will save this address to your account on the next page you choose the shipping options which is just a fancy way of saying shipping speed Now notice that the order may be split into more than one shipment and once you place the order each shipment will become a separate order so why the split? Well they split shipments because maybe these items are from different sellers or shippers, or because some items are not available at the same time or because some items are qualifying items that add up to $25 or more and you can get free shipping for them but not for other items so for each shipment you can choose the shipping speed you want The slowest shipping is the free shipping that's five to eight business days, standard shipping is three to five business days, then two-day shipping and one-day shipping If you select this option free two-day shipping with a free trial of Amazon Prime then you'll be signing up for the free one-month trial of Amazon's prime service and with that you'll get two-day shipping for this shipment for free, so should you select this? I'd say yes because you get two-day shipping for free and you can set it up so that the Prime trial will cancel after 30 days and you don't pay anything

I'll show you how to set all of that up in another video and in the meantime I'll put a link in the description if you want more information about Amazon Prime Another thing to note is that the shipping speed is calculated from the shipping date not the order date, in other words the speed you choose whether that's three to five business days or two days or one day etc is from the date when they ship it to you and not from the day when you place the order Now something I don't personally like about this page is I can't see how much the different shipping speeds will cost but luckily on the last page of the checkout, and we'll get to that, you'll see the charges and you can make changes there before placing the order so don't bother with it too much on this page and notice that you can change quantities or delete items here but again you can do that on the last page as well so again don't waste too much time you just click on continue and the next page is where you select a payment method now often you'll see an ad like this at the top and you can click on it if you want but it doesn't really have anything to do with your order so first I can use a credit or debit card and to add one click on add a card then add the cardholder's name exactly as it appears on the card, then add the full card number but without spaces or dashes, select the expiration date then click on add your card so the page will reload and you'll see your card has been added now notice that after you add a card you can only see the last four digits of the card number so this is actually a security feature when you add your card it gets sent straight to your bank and no one at Amazon, even customer service agents, are able to see the full card number without authorization from the bank You can also pay using an Amazon gift card or promotional code and to add one just click over here and then type in the code without spaces or dashes and then click apply

On most physical gift cards you'll need to scratch the card to reveal that code Now you can only use one credit card for each order but you can pay with a gift card and credit card combination for example if the order total is $100 and you've added a $75 gift card then the gift card will be charged first before the balance $25 is charged to your credit card The last section at the bottom is just an ad again so if you've selected your payment method then click on continue Now sometimes the next page might be another offer to sign up for the Prime free trial if you want to sign up for that then click the yellow button otherwise click on no thanks And the final page of the checkout is the "review your order" page so as I said on this page you can make changes to everything you've done up to this point, you can change the shipping address, or edit or delete, or add a different address, you can ship to multiple addresses again, change the payment method, add a different card, apply a gift card, exactly as before, and for each shipment you'll see the delivery date, you can change the quantities just click on change highlight the quantity type in the new one and then click update, or you can delete the item by clicking change then delete

For each shipment you can also change the shipping speed and this time you'll see the charge On the right you'll see the item totals, shipping charges, any tax charges and the full total so if you change the shipping speed for any shipment then the totals will update as well If there are multiple shipments just be sure to scroll down so you can see all of them and make any changes you want Now if you decide that you don't want to place the order then scroll to the bottom and click on amazoncom homepage, all these items will still be in your shopping cart, otherwise if you're ready to order then click on place your order

Ok so remember I said that after your first order the checkout process will be much quicker so let me show you an example This is an old account that I've ordered on before I've just clicked on proceed to checkout and I can see all the addresses that I've previously added I can still add a new one if I want by filling out this form again but I'm shipping to this one so I'll simply click on deliver to this address On the next page because I have more than one address saved on my account I can choose where to deliver each of these items that I'm ordering I want them all going to the same address though so I'll click continue

Next I'll just tentatively select the shipping speeds and I'm making sure to scroll down so I can see all the shipments and where it says choose a shipping preference this basically means that if this item is available immediately for example but this one will be available say four days later then if I select group my items into as few shipments as possible Amazon will wait until all of them are available and then send them all together in one package, but if I select the other option then Amazon will ship them separately as they become available but this is obviously more expensive and since I'm not a billionaire I'll choose the first option and hit continue Next notice that my credit card is already added so all I have to do here is select the card, and if you see this message asking you to re-enter your card then that means basically that you've chosen or added a new shipping address or an address that you haven't shipped to before so whenever you want to ship to a new address and you want to use a saved card on your account then Amazon will want you to confirm that it's really you, and the reason for that is if somehow someone else got into your account most likely they'll add their own address because they want to shipped to them and not to you and for that reason amazon will want them to confirm your card number which they won't be able to So I'll just re-enter my full card number and then click on confirm card Also if you have multiple cards on your account don't forget to select the one you want to use for this order by clicking the radio button next to the relevant card and then click continue And now I'm on the "review your order" page and as I said this is where I prefer to check everything and make most of the changes so shipping address, payment method, shipping speed, and I'm making sure that I scroll down to see all the shipments ok now even though I don't actually want any of these items I'm just about ready to place the order and in another video I'll show you how to cancel the order so all I have to do now is click on place your order, and after that you get a message confirming that the order was place and you'll also get an email confirmation about that

And that friends, is the checkout process on Amazon Hope you found this video useful If you did give it a like If you didn't give it a dislike, and don't forget to subscribe for a lot more videos coming soon If you have any questions please do drop them in the comments below and I'll see you again in the next one

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