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How To Travel For Free Using Rewards

How To Travel For Free Using Rewards
01 Aug

Hi, hi, hi! It's LaTisha from YoungFinancescom

We all know that travel can be a very exciting part of life, but it's pretty expensive isn't it? Actually I'm going to give you some great ways to travel for free by using travel rewards, and we're going to do it today on Young Finances TV Are you ready to travel for free? Getting travel rewards is not as difficult as it seems, it involves three steps Having excellent credit, using the card, and finding the best travel deals Here are your three steps to use travel reward credit cards to travel for free Step one, have excellent credit

This strategy is not for people who are rebuilding their credit, or people with poor credit This strategy is for people with excellent credit Most travel reward credit cards will require you to have a credit score of at least 685 Some of them won't approve you unless you have a credit score anywhere between 700 and 800 If you don't know what your credit score is you should use a service like Credit Sesame, Credit Karma, or MyFICO

com in order to check your credit score Now that you know your credit score and you sure that you have excellent credit you're ready for step two Step two is using the card For this you're going to need to know your monthly budget You're going to need to know how much you spend so that you can hit some of those minimum spend limits

Most of the time the credit card will require you to spend anywhere from 3000 to $5000, maybe $10,000 within a limited period of time Within the first three or six months of when you have the card Once you hit those minimum spending limits then you'll get a bonus of reward points and you can use those points to book flights, book hotels, and start booking your travel, Maybe Hawaii Aloha Hawaii, Aloha Hawaii So that's step two

Step three is going to be to find the best travel deals Even though you have excellent credit, you still don't want ding your credit by applying for too many credit cards If you don't want to credit card churn, which is opening a card, closing a card, opening the next card just to find the best reward Then you want to find the card that's perfect for you Find something that has a really good sign up bonus, and something that also gives you perks throughout the year

You may have to pay an annual fee in order to hang onto this card, but if the card offers you a rewards bonus that covers $400 worth of travel costs for example, and the annual fee is only $99, then you still come out about $300 ahead Make sure to keep that in mind There are three basic types of cards when you're looking for the best travel reward card deals You can use an organization specific card, like an USAA, or AARP These are cards that are specific to those organizations and they want those members to use the cards

You can use an airline specific card like a Delta card, or an American Airlines card These cards obviously want you to use that airline, so they're going to give you specific bonus points for using that airline But what if you don't have loyalty to an airline? Well you can use a general card, which will allow you to accumulate points and use it towards travel towards any airline or any type of hotel These are the types of cards that kind of give you the opportunity to be flexible so that you can fly to Europe one day or you can fly to Costa Rica the next Not sure where to find the best travel reward deals, well I've got a suggestion for you

Head over to YoungFinancescom I've got some great information on how you can use travel reward credit cards and I've even mention the best credit card for young adults It's one that's going to give you cash back every time you charge In the meantime if you like this video please be sure to like it, rate, comment, subscribe and tell me what you think

Do you use credit cards? Are you afraid of credit cards? Do you think this is a good strategy? Or maybe you don't like to travel at all Regardless I'd love to hear it and chat with you so make sure you leave a comment below In the meantime it's time for me to go on my next vacation Is it Costa Rica? We'll see

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