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Maximizing Credit Card Rewards (2018)

Maximizing Credit Card Rewards (2018)
12 Aug

Hi guys! This is Meshack from The Bemused and in this video I'll be talking about how I use credit cards strategically So as you might remember from some previous videos that we've done together, I have three credit cards

They are the Capital One Quicksilver, the Discover it card and the Capital One Venture One card So what I do when I am making any transaction, which you guys might have heard me mention before, is I put everything on my credit card and the reason why I do that is because of the points If I'm gonna spend money, you know, I might as well get something back for spending it The Discover it card has revolving cash back opportunities From the months of January to March, for example, you get 5% cash back on gas so you know whenever I'm going to put gas in my car, this is the card that I use to maximize the cash back

Also I think in the later months in the year from Decem – not December – October to December the Discover it card gives you 5% cash back if you shop at Amazon and department stores or something like that For the Venture One card – so I've recently got this card not even a year ago This card is a travel card and the reason why I like it is because it gives me so many options of redeeming my points on any type of travel So when I say that I'm talking about Uber, Lyft, cruises, train tickets anything like that, anything travel related you're able to redeem with this card Lately, you know, traveling back and forth to New York and different states I use Uber and Lyft a lot so I'm able to use this card to redeem any transactions, any charges that I've made on this card

If you use it to redeem a coffee-shop transaction at Starbucks or Dunkin' donuts you will be able to use the points but it's not gonna be at the same rate as if you used it for a travel transaction So, like I said, this is really a travel credit card and again the reason why I love it is because unlike other credit cards- another reason why I love it- is because unlike other credit cards I'm not locked in So, for example, if I wanted to purchase a plane ticket from New York to Boston, I'm not bound to one specific airline As long as I have my points I can purchase my ticket and use the points to redeem from that transaction- that travel transaction- that's why I love the Venture One card And finally, the Capital One Quicksilver card

I love this card I've had it longer than the Venture One card for about two years now or about a year and a half and I love it because it's simple Unlike the other cards where you have to keep track of how many points you're earning and when you can earn those points, this card you earn 15% cash back on all transactions So whether you're swiping it for a travel purchase, every day use, coffee, whatever it might be, you're going to get 1

5% cash back Another great thing that I love about this card and the Venture One card which I failed to remember -mention – earlier is that they give you your cash back as you spend it So when comparing the Capital One cards to the Discover it card, Discover kind of delays giving you your cashback bonus until the end of your credit-card statement So after I, you know, swipe up my card, I have to wait with Discover until the end of my statement to get my points With capital One, I swipe today and in two days or so when the transaction has been posted to my account, I see my points instantly

I can use them to redeem, you know, whatever I want to do And those are my cards and that's pretty much my strategy on how I use my cards strategically So thanks for watching! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and in the comments section below, tell us about some of the credit cards that you have, your strategies, and you know maybe I'm doing something wrong or something that you think is better Let us know in the comments below So, for example, the Discover it card has revolving credit- credit-point- that sounds really weird

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