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Quickbooks Online Tutorial for beginners / Estimate to Invoice #2

Quickbooks Online Tutorial for beginners / Estimate to Invoice #2
31 Jul

hello everybody this is jonathan and Dorn cpa strong see trance state of Florida let's get in alright we're out we're back in the sample company of Craig's I landscaping Craig Craig I job it's finally friday and Craig is all the driving job brings we're going to do an estimate our crack open the craigs been doing this he's got an estimate actually you know so where you can there's a bunch of different ways to go for an estimate i would go to this middle plus sign here and it's always a good place to start to look estimate area on the customers under the customers because the customer where we're going to say we're going to say we have a this is a new customer new customer with the name Dorn Dorn cpa called Dorn CPLC called arm i had always do all the all the details and stuff so those Porter's put a let's put the email address already @ yahoocom phone course 954 805 2796 eight and call me that's my number anyways we're going to see so we're going to save so its doors cpa was torn TV again what you will what's the estimate for well he wants he wants some concrete for found installation now you have you know these if you need you want a new one you could just have a new one no problem what we're gonna do concrete profound installation and that's going to be a hundred dollars concrete alright and see that's now that's taxable that setup is taxable and so it's going to add to its gonna have the tax in there everything and we're going to say that's going to take two hours to do so uh we're going to say two hours right there and uh third 30 bucks an hour so that's 60 bucks hundred sixty dollars you can customize you can make this recurring on all your make a recurring thing but I you know I would just do you want to go around and check everything out arm message displayed on estimate you know you can say whatever I am what excited to work on your fountain yes look I can't spell for shit so it's good it's gonna do that for me eh I don't whatever message on estimate you know I hope you I hope you are doing some work so yeah we're going we're going to save this what we're going to do we're going to save and close here we're going to save and close don't we save thousand one estimate there so now let's look let's look at some stuff here if you can remember oh if you can remember we're gonna go back to the estimates here top left like all the estimates invoices deposits sales receipts all the different stuff top left there's this little box here and it has the recent the recent items arm that's always nice so we can look at this we can look at the estimate we just did and it's pending arm that you can I to tax out is over here arm since you're doing estimates let's just let's just look around in estimates for a while also get the customers and oh we have one estimate that hasn't been dealt with here and that's me that's the 10 president we did what I really know what's your bundle activity I don't know why would build but anyway so I got 20 open invoices here but for this is yes threat so you know be real simple to just uh you know status is pending so let's save if you are if if I would accept that you just go to hear 2accepted and let's say that it's accepted yes and you could copy to invoice and now see here now you have a link transaction to the estimate that we just did so arm you know always links everything which is nice and do we have our invoice I don't know why didn't make an invoice but here let's uh let's save this oh thank you for business and have a great day that that's why the Save template so let's save this now the invoices saved so now we have there we go now we have an estimate and an invoice let's get out of here all right there's a spittoon invoice and we're out thanks for watching and have a bunch more have a great day bye bye

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