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RepricerExpress Setup – Initial Settings (Amazon)

RepricerExpress Setup – Initial Settings (Amazon)
01 Aug

Hi! Thanks for joining us In this RepricerExpress video we're going quickly take you through the steps you need follow in order to link your RepricerExpress account to Amazon

These are the first steps you'll take whenever you log into a brand new account which you've just set up on your trial Start by clicking on the button "Link My Marketplace" The next step is to choose the marketplace you're looking to link In this video we're going to show you the Amazon Marketplace linking So, for the sake of this demonstration we're going to pick Amazon UK, but the steps are the exact same for all the different Amazon Marketplaces, just hit confirm

Next we need to choose how we want our minimum and maximum prices to be set up The two options are "Global" or "Channel" Min/Max "Global" Min/Max is when you have a single minimum and maximum price for each product, but then you can use your pricing rules to change this on a product level For example, your minimum price for the product might be £500 but you add 50% whenever you're selling it on Amazon Germany

The alternative option is to use "Channel" Min/Max "Channel" Min/Max means you can specifically say what the minimum price should be for Amazon UK and another one for Amazon France or Germany or US If you want to go "Global" Min/Max you then need to choose your base currency "Base Currency" is the currency of which you're going to add your minimum and maximum prices in Normally this is the currency of the marketplace that you're starting

Once you've made your choices simply click confirm Next we need to link RepricerExpress to our Amazon account This is a simple process started by clicking on the "Login here" button on step one As I'm already logged into my Amazon account this brought me straight to the screen However, if you weren't logged into your Amazon account it would ask you to login first

From here we need to copy and paste some details from RepricerExpress into this screen You'll see them here: "Developer Name" and "Developer Account Number" simply copy and paste them into the relevant fields When you're done hit "Next" Tick the "Terms Of Condition" boxes and "Next" and then we just need to copy and paste the details back in to RepricerExpress That's us done Click "Link Account" next If you've been successful the account should now link

At this stage we'll download your product information into RepricerExpress Then when it's done you'll be able to visit your dashboard and continue your setup Thanks for joining me today and have a great day

Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card

Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card

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