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Rewards Card: How to Register

Rewards Card: How to Register
01 Aug

(MUSIC) I'm here to show you how easy it is to register your new Rewards Card Let's get started

Go to the commissary web site wwwcommissariescom Once there, scroll down until you see the image of the Rewards Card, then click on the image Now you should be on the Commissary Rewards Card page

Look for the button marked "Register Your Card" and click on it This takes you to the registration page for Rewards Cards Make sure you fill in all the required information in the boxes marked with asterisks Beginning with the upper left box marked "Commissary Rewards Card ID Enter the eleven-digit number on the back of your Rewards Card, starting with the number four

Re-enter the Rewards Card number in the next box below Continue filling out all the boxes with asterisks When you get to the box marked "Alternate ID" you should enter a ten-digit number that you can easily remember, if you should forget your Rewards Card Once you've filled all the required boxes, go to the bottom right and click the button "Continue" This will take you to the terms and conditions of the Rewards Card program

We recommend you read the terms and conditions Go to the bottom of the page, and click on the button marked "Accept Terms and Finish" A new page opens, showing your Rewards Card account, with all available coupons Now you can start adding the coupons to your card and get ready for even more savings Thanks for watching this video and thanks for shopping at your local commissary

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